This month has been full of germs. The illnesses started before Christmas and have continued through most of January. Between us we have had tonsillitis, a chest infection, a sickness bug and many cough and colds.

Luckily the month has ended on a high as we are at Centre Parcs! We are having a lovely week away from it all. I have just snuck off to find some wifi and schedule this post for tomorrow morning so fingers crossed it works!


Bob is having a wonderful time! She has loved going swimming and riding her scooter around the park. She keeps asking if we can stay at our holiday home. 🙂

The 7 of us involved in the project link up in a big circle so you can travel around our posts. This week I am sending you over to the lovely Lauren’s blog, Real Housewife Of Suffolk County. I have never met Lauren in ‘real life’ but she is such a wonderful, supportive friend. Her blog is fab so what are you waiting for?

The Me & Mine project also has a linky so you can share your family photos. I loved seeing lots of you join in last year and can’t wait to see what you and your families will get up to in 2014! I’ve shown you me & mine, now show me you & yours.

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    Enjoy your lovely holiday – how nice to go away in January! Can’t wait to see more pics, we have never been to Centre Parcs – looks great xx


    I am so jealous that you are in Centre Parcs, it’s such a great place for a break and so much fun for kids. I’m fact Centre Parcs got a mention in my Me and Mine this month because we’ve just booked our break for later on in the year!
    Such a lovely photo Charlotte. I love how you are looking at Bob so proudly. x


    Lovely photo. Enjoy the rest of your break!


    Hope you have a fab time! Lovely little family snap xx


    I am VERY jealous you’re in Center Parcs. I LOVE it!! Gorgeous shot 🙂 Here’s to another great year of Me & Mine!


    Hope you are all having a lovely time Charlotte- I am very jealous! Gorgeous pic of you all, love Bobs little outfit. x


    Lovely photo, I have wanted to go to center parcs for ages. Enjoy the rest of your stay


    This is a lovely photo. Sorry to hear your house has been full of germs but it sounds like you’re having a great break away 🙂


    You all look like you’re having a wonderful time, and all that swimming sounds bliss!


    I’m sorry you’ve all been so poorly. I hope you’ve had a fab time at Centre Parcs, you certainly look very happy. I hope the weather hasn’t been too bad.
    Thank you for saying such lovely things about me xxxx


    so lovely to find you, isnt centre parks wonderful x


    Hope you have a lovely week away, gorgeous family pic x


    I love this! We are off to Center Parcs next month and can’t wait. Seeing your pic has made me smile as we hope to take one amongst the trees too.


    Aaahh launch a happy smiley photo. Looks like fun x

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