I can’t believe that this is Me & Mine number 12! The project has been running for a whole year and it has gone so fast! Thanks to Lucy I have 12 wonderful family photos to remember this year by.

I love Christmas Eve! My husband works so hard in the run up to Christmas and when he finally finishing work on Christmas Eve it is time for us to have some relaxing time as a family before the madness of Christmas begins.

He finishes work at about 3.30pm and we all have showers and put on our new pyjamas. (You have to have new pyjamas as Father Christmas is coming!) We then spend quality time as a family, playing games and getting excited!

Bob is obsessed by Christmas crackers, she takes after her Daddy! I bought some crackers that each had a little finger puppet inside and the box turned into a little theatre. We had a lovely time pulling the crackers and putting on shows. Bob also got an early present of Peppa Pig Snakes & Ladders which we had lots of fun playing.

Every year on Christmas Eve (even before Bob came along) we watch Santa Claus the movie. It is a tradition that my husband has continued from when he was little. This year we couldn’t find the disk. 🙁 It wasn’t in the box so we watched Miracle On 34th Street instead.

We then left out some treats for Father Christmas, hung up our stockings and went to bed to read Christmas stories. It was a perfect evening!

My Me & Mine photo is far from perfect. I had just got out if the shower and hadn’t been near any make up, Bob wasn’t very well and my husband was exhausted. It is our little family on Christmas Eve though so that makes it perfect to me!


We have been plagued by tonsillitis this Christmas! Bob was ill all over Christmas and my husband and I now have it too. Many plans have had to be cancelled. Christmas was affected, my sisters 40th birthday plans were ruined and our New Year’s Eve plans have been postponed but at least we had our Christmas Eve!

Lucy who writes the wonderful blog, Dear Beautiful and is the brains behind the project, has put together a video to celebrate the first year of the Me & Mine project. I have just watched it and it gave me a lump in my throat! I am so proud to be part of this beautiful project!

As always, I will now send you onto another one of the bloggers involved in the project. This month I’m sending you to Katie’s amazing blog, Mummy Daddy Me. I love Katie’s blog, if you are unfamiliar with it you are definitely missing out!

I can’t wait to see your December Me & Mine photos! I’ve shown you Me & Mine now show me You & Yours!

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    I think your photo IS perfect hun, Christmas Eve is special for you guys and this photo really captures that. We have family time on Christmas Eve too, in new pjs watching movies and I love it, it’s like the calm before the storm.
    Thanks so much for being involved this year lovely, an onwards and upwards, I think 2014 is going to be even better. x


    I’m so sorry you have all been poorly. I hope you are all better soon.
    I think this photo is perfect. I love that you’ve shared part of your Christmas tradition and Christmas Eve routine with us.


    I think it’s a lovely picture because it’s real; it is how your Christmas Eve looks, which incidentally sounds wonderful! I love that your husband continues a tradition from his own childhood, it’s such a lovely thing to be passing on to Bob. Fingers crossed you’re all feeling better soon.


    A lovely Christmas Eve tradition. A beautiful photo!


    SUCH a lovely photo!! And what a gorgeous tradition! Hope you’re all feeling better now 🙂


    Lovely photo, sorry your all not well. Lovely family tradition, its so special especially as your husband has been doing it since his childhood. I love a little family tradition. Your Christmas eve sounds perfect 🙂


    I’m sorry your Christmas has been plagued by illness. I can sympathise as ours did not go to plan either! It’s lovely that you have this photo to remember your family Christmas Eve by – I think it’s a great picture! Hope you’re soon all better and have a fabulous 2014 x


    Sorry to hear about the poorlyness. Such a lovely image of a lovely tradition.


    So so sorry to hear you’ve had illness strike this Christmas. It’s rubbish when it’s like that. Your photo is lovely and captures your cozy Christmas Eve perfectly x


    Such a lovely family photo, in your PJs! Love it.


    What a lovely cosy portrait. Happy new year!


    I adore the stag pjs!!! I want them, lovely to have seen your family of 3 all year xx


    That photo is perfect. It doesn’t matter that you had wet hair – it makes it more memorable to you, and that’s ultimately what’s important 🙂


    So wonderful that you captured Christmas Eve memories together, that’s the most important thing!


    I love your tradition of getting into PJs nice and early on christmas eve. Reminds me of the long but exciting build up to bedtime as a child.

    Sorry to hear Bob was poorly . I also had a poorly Arlo on Christmas day so I know how disappointing it feels to have a sad little one on a day where they should be super-excited.


    What a perfect shot! I love your Christmas tradition 🙂 Here’s to another year of Me & Mine!

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