I have tried making cake pops on a couple of occasions but they never turned out how I had hoped. If I mix my cake with buttercream I am not a fan of the texture and if I use a cake mold my chocolate cake is so moist that the cake pop sticks go straight through them, whilst I am waiting for the coating to set.

I had seen marshmallow pops online and thought that these might be more up my street.

marshmallow separating

After separating the white marshmallows from the pink (I needed the white ones for the Do You Want To Build A Snowman activity) I melted some chocolate. All the marsh,allow pops that I have seen online were only half coated with chocolate. I worried that the marshmallow would dry out and I wouldn’t be able to make them in advance. I decided to fully coat them to keep the marshmallows soft.

Bob and I stuck 2 pink marshmallows onto each cake pop stick and dipped them into the melted chocolate. It took a while for the chocolate to stop dripping. I found that swirling it around helped and I also think that it would have been better if I had allowed the chocolate to cool before trying to coat the marshmallows. The last marshmallow pops were easier to coat than the first as the chocolate wasn’t as runny.

When the chocolate stopped dripping we dipped the marshmallow pops into sprinkles and place them on a piece of baking parchment to cool.

an easy alternative to cake pops

These were so easy to make and they were a hit at Bob’s party! Fully coating them helped to keep the marshmallows soft so they could be made well in advance. We had a couple left over and we were still eating them more than a week after the party.

This is a much easier alternative to cake pops that all the children loved!

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    So stunning and creative, great post, thanks for your sharing.


    These look amazing.

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