As you may know, Bob isn’t the best sleeper. When I was asked if I would like to host a guest post about solving problems with bedtime I happily accepted. Any advice is gratefully recieved.

Guest Post

From newborn babies to teenagers taking exams, children need their sleep as much as adults do – if not more. But what should you do when your child doesn’t want to go to bed?

Why won’t my child go to sleep?
There are many reasons why children resist bedtime. These can range from being upset by nightmares to anxieties about events happening around them, such as problems at school or within the family.

Although some parents champion “co-sleeping” and others are happy to occasionally allow their child into their bed at night – for example, if they are ill or frightened by a storm – eventually every parent wants to see their child sound asleep in their own bedroom.

Why does my child wake in the night?
Presuming you have ruled out medical reasons, such as sleep apnoea, if your child is regularly waking in the night it might be worth investing in a new single bed.

This small outlay can bring huge returns, as a good quality single mattress will provide your child with a comfortable sleeping surface, cut down on tossing and turning and help prevent your child from overheating in the night. Furniture Choice are a great retailer for getting good priced items for kids bedrooms and have single mattresses from just £69. Not a massive amount of money to spend if it insures that you and your child have a better night’s sleep!

Ideas for children’s bedrooms
Make your child’s bedroom a place that’s special to them and they will be less likely to want to sleep in yours. Here are a few ideas that might help:

Introduce a bedtime routine
One of the best ways to encourage your child to go to bed is to establish a bedtime routine. Keep to a set time, make them a milky drink and read them a bedtime story. By creating a welcoming environment in their bedroom, with a comfy bed they can snuggle up in, you can reduce naughty behaviour at bedtime and help them get the sleep they need.

Decorate your child’s bedroom
Children love to get involved so ask them for their input: anything from selecting the colour scheme to helping to paint the walls. They might like to choose a theme, for example dinosaurs, outer space, pirates, forest creatures or a fairytale castle. You could also take them on a shopping trip to buy a new duvet cover in their favourite colours or decorated with their favourite cartoon character or football team.

Bunk beds
If your children share a room, bunk beds are a great space saver. They also allow each child to have their own private “den”, with the reassurance that their brother or sister is nearby.

Cabin beds and sleep stations
An exciting and fun option for your kids, these combine a raised sleeping area with a host of useful storage options, including wardrobes, shelving and desks. Having a built in wardrobe and drawers will encourage them to tidy away their belongings and the shelves will be perfect for storing bedtime story books.

Once you have created a fun, appealing bedroom with a supportive bed and a comfy mattress, bedtime should become a much easier and more enjoyable experience for both you and your child.



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    I can definitely agree on how a good mattress aids good sleep, i’m currently sleeping on a single divan pushed next to another with my other half and it’s lumpy and horrible and really gives us both a crik in the neck! Can’t wait to get a new bed when our house is done!

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