Nov 102014

As many children are, Bob is obsessed with Frozen! She is constantly singing the songs from the film and she even gets me to duet with her. I have to be very careful to sing the right parts, otherwise I get told off. 😉

When Party Domain asked if we would like to review one of their fancy dress costumes I searched for Frozen themed outfits straight away. Bob has a box of fancy dress costumes but she doesn’t have an Elsa dress. I knew that she would love one!

Party Domain have several lovely Frozen costumes. In the end I decided on the Elsa Deluxe Dress. I knew that Bob would love it and I wasn’t wrong!


She couldn’t wait to try it on when it arrived and she loves wearing it and dancing and singing her way around the house.


It is a lovely dress with some gorgeous details! The sleeves and the cape have gorgeous glittery snowflakes on them and the cape can be removed to make getting in and out of the costume easier. The Elsa motif is surrounded by feathers and it has a diamond on the front! (Disclaimer: This may not be a real diamond!) 😉 It really is beautiful!


Bob is now right at home in her new princess bedroom!



Bob is over the moon with her Elsa dress and I think she will be wearing it and singing her favourite songs for a long time!

Disclaimer: We were sent the costume free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are our own.

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  10 Responses to “Let It Go”


    Amazing singing!!! Love the stamp too! Cute costume too x x


    Oh my! She is so good damn cute, beautiful and a good singer x


    Fabulous singing Mol, born performer!! Wonder who she takes after


    That is the cutest! I love the stamp! The dress looks lovely too


    The foot stamp, did you see the foot stamp??? Soooooooo cute! (and is it wrong that I want my own frozen fancy dress dress?!)


    Love the singing, and the foot stomp! x


    Oh my gosh she sounds so adorable and looks so cute in her outfit too. Z loves frozen but only the Olaf bits!

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