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We are getting another new addition to our family! A little girl called Sally! She is a fluffy, 4 legged little lady and we can’t wait for her to arrive!

I have wanted another dog for a while. When Daisy died I couldn’t bring myself to get another one. I felt like I was replacing her. My Labrador Holly is struggling now and we don’t think she will be here much longer. 🙁 That is the sad thing about pets. I wanted to get another dog before anything happens to Holly as I know when she is gone I will not get one as I would feel as if I was replacing her.

We have had 3 pedigree dogs and all 3 of them have had health problems. I don’t want to get another pedigree as, although they are lovely, they tend to have more problems due to their smaller gene pool. I would have loved a miniature schnauzer but they are prone to digestive issues.

I search the Internet for schnauzer cross breeds and found some gorgeous puppies not far from us. Their dad was a border terrier and their mum was a miniature schnauzer cross yorkie. We went to see them and we fell in love! They were so gorgeous and their mum was so lovely!


The hard decision was choosing which puppy to have. They were all too cute. The breeder was fabulous and she let us change our minds several times. We eventually decided on this little angel.


We are collecting her on the 31st January and we can’t wait!

Just after we had chosen Sally I was contacted to ask if I would like to help spread the word about the Freedom Rewards Card from Barclaycard. This card allows you to gain points wherever you spend. This is a great way to support independent retailers whilst still collecting rewards.

There is an independent online pet shop that I love called Not Just Pets. It has some lovely items and I had already been browsing things for our new addition. To celebrate the Freedom Rewards Card, Barclaycard sent me a £50 gift voucher for Not Just Pets to get some lovely things for our puppy.

I had lots of fun shopping for Sally. I am not sure what kind of dog I thought we were getting when I placed the order. I feel in love with a fluffy bed that I thought Sally could use when she was older too. It was bigger than I anticipated but it is lovely and cosy. Hopefully Sally will get on well with Lucy & Poppy and they can all share the bed. If not at least Bob has a new place to sleep. 🙂


I also ordered the large feeding bowls by mistake. I think I must have been thinking that Sally was a Great Dane! These will make a perfect bath for my tortoise though! 🙂


I ordered a little fluffy sheep for Sally and the next day I received a phone call saying that particular product was out of stock. Instead the sent me a pack of 3 lovely sheep. This is why I love independent retailers! I have order things from big companies that have been out of stock before and I just received a generated e mail saying that the product was no longer available.


We are all very excited about Sally’s arrival, even more so now that we have some lovely things for her. Bob has been testing her toys and preparing meals for her. 🙂


Disclaimer: I was sent the £50 gift voucher free of charge for the purpose of this post.

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    Oh how gorgeous, I would love a dog but Mr E won’t let me until the girls are a bit bigger or we get a bigger house! 😉 x


    Aww how adorable!!
    I’d love a dog but we rent and no pets allowed 🙁


    I bet you are going to have such fun with a new puppy!

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