May 012013


A few weeks ago I was contacted by My Name Necklace UK asking if I would like to review one of their necklaces. I had a look on their site and found a beautiful mother’s necklace.

It was a silver circle, containing a birthstone and you could have up to 4 names engraved on it. I had Bob’s name and her nickname on it as she often gets called the two together. It’s my fault for saying my scan photo looked like a blob. She was named Bob long before she was here.

I decided to have my birthstone rather than Bob’s as mine is pearl and I thought it would go with more than Bob’s emerald.

When the necklace arrived I was so excited! I felt very naughty getting something so lovely when it wasn’t my birthday!

I opened the box and I loved it straight away! The pendant is very elegant and I can see myself wearing it a lot. It really is gorgeous!

The pendant comes on a bead chain but I am going to put it on a silver chain that I have as this is more my style.

I think these necklaces are a lovely idea as you could keep your whole family close to your heart!


My Name Necklace UK are offering my readers a 10% discount. Just enter CRUMBY at the checkout.

Disclaimer – I was sent the necklace free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are my own.

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    That is really lovely and why shouldn’t we get something to review for ourselves every now and then?


    I’m wary about using her real name in case someone tries to pick her up from school one day but I know I’m being silly. They’d have to know which school she went to and they’d have to be dedicated to find her name in a couple of posts. She does get called Bob a lot too and I love the two together. Wanted to call her Molly-Bob officially. :0) x

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