Renting is a good option, and for those of us trying to get on the property ladder – if living with our parents isn’t an option – it’s the only choice we have until we finally scrape together that fabled deposit. 

Renting a property can be exciting at first, and wonderful when you move your things in for the first time. But it can be difficult to make a rented property feel like a home – especially when you have a security deposit to think of…here you’ll find a few decorating tricks to help your rented home feel more like yours. 

Skirting Boards
Yep, you heard me correctly. Your skirting boards run around the edge of every room in your rented home, and they protect the walls from being damaged by your furniture. Check out the skirtings r us website, if you feel happy enough to invest in buying some new ones – or for an instantly fresh look just give them a lick of paint and enjoy your handiwork. 

Introduce some colour

You can get bored with magnolia and cream pretty easily, so, if you have a good relationship with your landlord, ask them if they would be happy for you to paint, as long as you paint it back to the original colour before you leave. If you don’t wish to invest so heavily, consider painting a door or doorframe in a surprise accent colour instead. Not only is this cheaper and quicker (you will use much less paint) but it’s also a quirky and interesting way to bring colour into a scheme.

Display art and photos

An obvious suggestion, but doing so can really make a difference. If you have picture rails, you can hang and re-hang pictures to your heart’s content. Or go a step further and consider framing movie posters, strips of fabric or even colour scarves, if your little ones are artists in the making, then frame some of their artwork. The possibilities are endless. However, if your landlord is a little mean when it comes to nailing picture hooks into the wall, then consider picture tape, create a small clothesline out of thread and hang photos on there. There are ways to get around these things! 

The furniture

If you’re stuck in a furnished property, then being surrounded by furniture might grate after a while. Worrying about spillages and thins getting worn out etc – so why not change things up a bit. Buy your own cushions or pretty non-expensive throws to scatter around the room. Cheer up the windows by making your own curtains or buying your own – curtains don’t come cheap – but you can always take them with your when you leave! 

If you’re renting an unfurnished property then head to your local auction house, head online to eBay, or a local second hand furniture shop and see what you can pick up on the cheap. Remember, you can always reupholster and buy your own cushions/throws to make it more your own. 

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