We have been so busy with birthday celebrations and party planning that I am a little late posting Bob’s 6th birthday video. I am still in shock over the fact that my baby girl is 6 years old! How did that happen?

We have had a wonderful few days which ended with a Trolls themed party. More about that later.

For now here is a little video of my little girl’s 6th year. I have made a video every year on her birthday. Earlier today I was laughing with Bob about the fact that I would still be making her a birthday video when she was 40! I told her she would be fed up of me but she insisted she wouldn’t be.

Happy birthday baby girl!

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    wait until you realise that with every year you are a year older to xxx


    Happy Birthday! She looks so happy, bless her. But it really is scary how quickly time passes us by, my eldest is almost 14 now! Eek

    Louise x


    Aw she is so cute – happy 6th Birthday to your baby girl 🙂 x


    The do grow up so fast don’t they. Wishing her a Happy Birthday. Hope she had a wonderful day.


    Happy birthday! Looks like she had such a fun day! x


    Looks like she had such a lovely day Happy 6th birthday to her 🙂


    AWW! this is so adorable! I love how happy she was the entire time! Love it!


    I think it is lovely that you have documented her every birthday in a video!It would be Such a nice thing to look back to when she’s 40! 😀

    Happy birthday to your little munchkin!


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