Bob is 5 years old and she is unbelievably excited about Christmas!

Although there are many things that she would like she has only asked Father Christmas for one thing, an Our Generation doll. She said that she knows that Father Christmas will be really busy so she didn’t want to ask for too much. How adorable!

I told her how lovely that was and that I was sure Father Christmas might bring her some other surprises too for being so lovely!

Here are some of the other things that Father Christmas is going to bring.

Our Generation Toys
Not only is Santa bringing an Our Generation doll, he is also going to bring a horse, a wardrobe and some outfits. When I first saw the horse online I thought it was very expensive. This is before I realised the size of them. I thought they would be a similar size to a barbie horse but they are huge! I know Bob will love it!

our generation doll and horse for christmas

Shopkins Kinstructions
Bob is obsessed with shopkins and she also loves construction toys so I thought the Shopkins Kinstruction Deluxe Food Court set from Trends UK would be perfect for her!

shopkins kinstructions deluxe food court

Not only can you build the shop you can also build the shopkins and mix and match them!

Ever since seeing the movie Trolls, Bob thinks she is Princess Poppy! I knew she would love some Trolls toys for Christmas. I have bought her some of the figures and a hug time bracelet. When we went to visit Father Christmas he told Bob that Christmas was a time for hugs. She got very excited and said afterwards that she thought Santa might bring her a hug time bracelet.

trolls hugtime bracelet

Bob thinks that Father Christmas brings her presents on Christmas Eve but she also knows that family and friends buy her presents too. She sees presents being exchanged and she can now read gift tags. I think it is nice that people get the thanks for the gifts that they have bought, rather than Father Christmas getting all the credit.

This year I have bought her a present from her daddy and myself as I didn’t want her to think that we hadn’t bought her anything. We have bought her a Furby Connect. She has been playing the Furby Connect app for a while and I know she would love one!

furby connect for christmas

It is tricky to know what to buy at Christmas time as there are so many fantastic products out there. I didn’t want to call this post a ‘gift guide’ as every child is different but I thought I would share my ideas as I am sure that many children would love to receive these on Christmas morning.

For further ideas, check out more gifts by My Kid Needs That

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    I like seeing how a few of these toys are for the upcoming generation that I had either from birth or later on in my early teens.


    My 4 year old niece would love some of these toys too – she especially loves Shopkins! She loves dolls too, it’s one of her favourite things in the world (apart from her aunty of course!!)


    The Our Generation dolls have such great accessories. I’m sure Bob will be thrilled with her doll and wardrobe and the horse! Those Shopkins toys are so popular this year. Great gift ideas here.


    Some lovely gifts. I’m sure she will be delighted with these at Christmas. I know my daughter would by next year (she’s 4 at the moment)


    These are great gift ideas, just the sort of thing i would have wanted as a kid x


    How considerate of her to only request a few things since santa will be busy. I am loving the other gift ideas you’ve shared.


    My youngest daughter would love the shopkins Kinstructions toy she does love shopkins and doesn’t have one of these.


    It’s so nice that she hasn’t asked for a lot but it must be tough with kids of that age when they see so many adverts etc x


    My niece Erin is 5 and I’ve got her the Shopkins Kinstruction Deluxe Food Court as her Christmas present, she’s Shopkins mad! Jo x


    These are all such great ideas! My niece would love all of these.


    My kids love Shopkins and I have just bought some for my kids for Christmas. They would love the Furby too, but not sure how long they would play with it for


    Great selection here – I never know what to get my niece so this is perfect for me! x


    My niece is 4 and I know she would love so much of this. Adding some of it to her Christmas list 🙂


    Our generation Doll and horse look awesome! We saw them advertised at the weekend. Hopefully next year we can get one! Love their features!


    I can’t believe how advanced Furbys are now! I remember having one and they were so different!


    There’s some great ideas here, I can’t believe how much of a comeback Ferby’s have made! I had one when I was younger! xo


    I haven’t seen trolls with my little one yet, but I’ve heard abut how great it is so a trolls gift would be perfect.


    My son is getting a furby for Christmas – he also has a lot of My Little Pony things on his list!


    Gosh, I love all of these! I have a 5 year old god daughter who would love all of these xx


    Some great gift ideas here, my daughters like shopkins. I am so glad I have almost finished the Christmas shopping now

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