Another day another animal park! 🙂 This time it was the fabulous Blackpool Zoo!

Bob is very lucky to have Grandparents living in Blackpool as there is always lots to do when we go to visit. I have been to Blackpool Zoo before with my parents but this was my husband and Bob’s first time.

We had a lovely day! Below are some photos from our visit.

Getting a closer look at my favourite animals from Giraffe Heights.

Monkey Business

A Tiger having a wee! Oh dear me!

Enjoying the sea lion show.

The biggest pelicans that I have ever seen!

…and because no animal park visit would be complete without Bob seeing a goat!

I also thought that I had captured an award winning photo but reflections let me down! We realised that my Dad looked like the Emporer Monkeys and we wanted to take a photograph of him standing next to one. Just at the right moment the monkey walked up to my Dad and posed for the photograph! Unfortunately there was lots of glare and reflections on the glass, even though I didn’t have my flash on. Anyone know if there is a way to stop this?

Monkey Dad

My Fun Photo Favourite from last week was by Laurie at Pride In Photos. Her post was also about a zoo and she had managed to capture some fabulous close ups of the animals! See got so close to a lioness that I was scared for her safety! Pop over to her blog to see her fabulous post!


As a reward Laurie can share her secret of lion photography. Is there a special suit you can wear? 😉 She can also display the Fun Photo Favourite badge if she wishes.

* I have now made the Fun Photo Favourite badge specific to the post where your photo was chosen. If you have already added the badge and would like it to link to the post where you were chosen as my Fun Photo Favourite e mail me at and I will send you a code.

If you have been having fun with photography, editing or you’ve photographed something fun, please link up below. Make sure that you link up the post, rather than your home page as I struggle to find some of your posts when I am choosing a Fun Photo favourite. If you would like to grab my badge or add a text link it would be much appreciated. Also, if you would like to tweet me your links I would be happy to RT them. Don’t forget to choose your favourite using the like buttons beneath each image. This will help me to choose my Fun Photo Favourite.

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  35 Responses to “Fun Photo Fun – Zooooooooo 2”


    Love all the animal photos! Looks like you all had a great time! Blessings to you from Thanks for hosting and linking up with me!


    I enjoyed them photos thanks for sharing 😉

    Have a fantabulosa week 🙂


    I love the giraffe shots! We fed them a few years ago. My daughter freaked out because their tongues are so long, and when he took the carrot it wrapped around her wrist lol.


    The very last shot if frame worthy.


    The very last shot is frame worthy.


    The very last shot is frame worthy.


    looks like a fun day for everyone!!


    You have such a bubbly personality and it shows through on these posts. A real delight to come here when I have something fun to show. Thank you for the feature this week. Blessings, Laurie


    My girls and I enjoyed the wonderfully close up pictures of the animals. Thanks for sharing.


    Lovely photos!!! My favorite by far is definitely the tiger…gorgeous!!!


    Great animal pictures, but what is that tiger fixin’ to do?


    Great shots of animals at the zoo! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!


    This did make me laugh, especially the tiger having a wee (so immature, hahaha)! Looks an amazing day out. Bet Bob had exotic dreams that night! x


    We love Blackpool zoo, I think we might be due another visit!!


    Great photos! I particularly love giraffes!


    The picture of your dad would have been fun. He is very nice looking!! Thanks for hosting


    What awesome close ups you got!!!


    You got amazing shots, as usual! Now I want to go to a zoo or an animal park! 🙂


    Nice collection of animals. Great day at the zoo. I think you started with my favorites, the giraffes.


    I love the sea lions, they are great.


    Looks like such a fun time! My kids would just love that zoo! 🙂


    The animals are fun to see, great shots.


    Love the giraffe shots! Looks like a fun visit to the zoo!


    Lovely photos, even tigers need a wee!!! Was that the zoo in Blackpool Tower? I’ve never been to it (I’m from Southport!) but everyone tells me it’s worth a visit. Happy WW 🙂


    Great shots! My boys love going to the zoo, too!


    Such lovely photos


    I can’t believe you were able to get such GREAT shots! Looks like a good time was had. 🙂


    What excellent pics. Make me feel like taking the kiddos soon.


    What beautiful photos! Glad you all had fun at the zoo. I liked the tiger especially!


    such a wonderful array of photos from your trip to the zoo. i really like the giraffe and tiger ones although the seal ones are great too seeing it perform . Bob seems very happy with her cow ride too lol x


    That is really up close with the animals. Some wonderful shots there but poor Dad being the Emperors Monkey, though the tash likeness is funny!

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