I was quite excited about the snow when I was writing last week’s Fun Photo Fun. We had a nice amount and it was exciting to watch Bob playing in it for the first time. (We had snow last year but she was too small to fully appreciate it.)

Since then it has snowed and snowed and snowed a bit more. I enjoy being out in the snow but not when it is falling. After waiting all yesterday morning for the snow to stop I finally made it outside with my camera. I was looking forward to taking some lovely photographs of Bob in the snow, armed with more than my iPhone.

It was so deep in our garden that Bob could only walk a few steps before falling over. She soon became frustrated and asked to go back inside. I managed to capture a few nice photos before we retreated.


Snow 2

I have enjoyed the snow but enough is enough!

It can come back next year though as I already have snow plans! When Bob is a bit older we are going to make this!


This amazing snow cat is by Emma over at My Little 3 and Me and it is my Fun Photo Favourite from last week! As a reward Emily can come and build a snow cat at our house. She can also display the Fun Photo Favourite badge if she wishes.

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Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  25 Responses to “Fun Photo Fun – Snow More”


    I love the photos!! So adorable :)) And there’s definitely such a thing as too much snow!


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    fantastic pictures! and love the winners picture, the snow cat is amazing!
    Thanks for leting me link up again 🙂


    Oh wow, I’m very flattered that little Tabitha the Snowcat was chosen as your favourite this week. I can’t wait to tell the boys in the morning, they’ll be so proud! Thanks again xxx


    Love it! So cool! Teresa from NanaHood


    These are wonderful photos! Love them! Thanks for hosting and Happy WW!


    I love all the pictures, but the 2nd one has to be my favorite…she looks SO HAPPY!


    Fab shots and some Gorgeous pics of Bob, she looks like she was going to disappear in the first one.
    Love the snow cat 🙂


    Love the pics!! BEAUTIFUL!


    Ahh, she’s so cute lying there in the snow with that big grin on her face!


    Wow hat snow cat is amazing!!


    Adorable but very cold looking.


    These are really beatiful photos. I must say that the corgette sign is a bit of a favourite.


    I have to admit I’m jealous of all your glorious snow! 🙂 Can you pretty please send some my way? 🙂 LOVE all the shots! Bob is so stinkin’ CUTE!! 🙂

    Amazing Bubbles the Dragon


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    That cat does look fun to tackle and of course these pictures are all great.


    I’ve had enough of the snow now too. You have some beautiful photos


    WOW You are creative … with the snow cat that is – there’s nothing better than watching children play in snow 🙂 Saying hi through the Wordless Weds … yes, I’m a day late … stop by if you have the time!


    lovely photos, the snow looks quite deep xx

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