As you probably know I love photography and I am obsessed with props!


My spare room has been taken over by various bits and pieces, from magnetic letters to tin baths and I am always on the lookout for new things! Sorry Michael!


When I was contacted asking if I would like to review a footstool my initial thought was that I didn’t need one. We already have one in the living room and the dining room and I didn’t know where I could put another one. I must not have had my photography head on! I have dreamed of having something to photograph my friends newborn baby on when he/she arrives. I have a square beanbag which would have been alright but I always thought it looked a bit unsteady. A lovely footstool would be perfect! It would also be lovely for toddler photo shoots!



As soon as I started to think clearly I contacted Footstools 2U and said I would love to review one!



They have many different footstools to chose from. It was difficult to decide which one I would like to review. Eventually I chose the footstool that was 12″ high as it was lower than some of the others and I thought it would be a nice height for children to sit on.



You can also choose each footstool in a variety of fabrics. I chose … as it was quite neutral but more exciting than white and it matches the colour scheme in my spare room which is where I take many of my photos.


Please excuse the Nora Batty tights. Bob insisted on wearing her sparkly tights even though they are too big.


I am lucky that Bob enjoys having her photo taken but I am also worried that I have created a monster. As she is so used to me snapping away she now thinks that everything she does should be photographed. She regularly says, ‘Take my picture Mummy.’


I am worried that I have a little diva on my hands. 😉


Disclaimer: I was sent the footstool free of charge for the purpose of this review but all photographs and opinions are my own.

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    I am afraid that Bob may very well grow out of the phase, when I was little I was always asking people to video me while I danced. You’ll be pleased to know at nearly 30 I don’t do that any more – but my folks do have enough embarrassing home movies to sink a battle ship, or send any guy running for the hills!!


    Oh they are some gorgeous pictures – and a very nice footstool – but particularly the pictures! I love the ones where she’s using the books as a footstool herself, so very timeless and sweet!

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