Mar 042012

Taking part in the My Difficult Dozen meme has inspired me to share with you my fancy dress creations.

The Marshmallow Man

My best work to date. Made by attaching 5kg of marshmallows to a boiler suit. Thought that this was a good idea at the time but, after wearing it for a few hours my shoulders really hurt!











Ron Weasley

With my trusty sidekicks Harry and Hermione. Although this was not as technical as The Marshmallow Man it did involve the rather tricky trimming of a wig, using a bowl, some scissors and my friends head.




Along with my long suffering husband. He has been a Smurf, Frankenstein and a Bee and done it all with a smile! This, again, seemed like a good idea at the time but, after the party when my bathroom was blue, it was another story!







I think that this was where it all started. This costume is to blame for my fancy dress madness.








I am hoping that Bob will follow in my footsteps. With a Mummy like me, I am not sure that she will have a choice!

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    Love that Michael is a ghostbuster and you are the marshmallow man!! Also we still have to do The Three Amigos! Although it has to some to top Harry Ron & Hermione!! Good memories! Xx


    Those are genius costumes. The first one I ever made was also a pumpkin, but it wasn’t a comfortable night – the padding was a folded up duvet held up by braces, so I was a tad hot!


    Wow impressive creations. Well done you. Could you eat the marshmallows afterwards? How gorgeous is your little boy too!


      You could but you would have to be careful as I attached them with superglue. ;o) She’s a little girl but I’ll let you off. With a nickname like Bob it’s an easy mistake to make. ;o)


    That has really made me smile this morning! You really do like dressing up don’t you? I love the marshmallow man costume, it’s hilarious! At least you won’t have to get stressed about World Book Day costumes when Bob starts school!


    I LOVE the marshmallow man and will be adapting this for one of my children some time soon!


    The marshmallow man is so impressive!! That must have taken ages to do!
    Love Bobs outfit too, he’s got the best look there 🙂


    Your costumes are brilliant! The marshmallow one especially.. impressive!


    Nooooooo! You are a full-on proper nutter! Thanks for linkiing up 😉


    Those are immense costumes! Loving the marshmallow man cossie – if I have it on though I fear I’d eat the lot!


    Fantastic! so when I am an epic failure at school fancy dress days I know where to turn! x


    If you ask me, you can never go too crazy for fancy dress. Its great fun and so many people stress about it rather than see it as a challenge of what to create to make yourself stand out 🙂

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