We are off to Menorca tomorrow for 10 days. 10 whole days without a laptop! How will I cope?!? Luckily I have my early birthday present (an iPad) but as I may be busy stopping Bob from running into the pool and there may not be wifi I think that my blog will be quite quiet.

I have also decided that Terrible Twosday should take a break too, rather than have a guest host. Other bloggers have enough to do so I thought that it would be best. Also, Bob is obviously going to be an angel on holiday so I won’t have anything to write about! 😉 If you do have any posts of mischief and mayhem that you would like to share, please link them up the following week! I will either have had a lovely holiday and need cheering up, as we have arrived back to rain, or the holiday might be as anticipated (See Holiday Showdown) and I will definitely need a giggle!

I will miss you all lots and I will make it up to you when I return. If you are good, I may even bring you back a present! Have a lovely week! See you when we get back!!!

Happy Thursday!!! x

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  9 Responses to “Every Time We Say Goodbye – Boo Hoo!!!”


    Thanks hon! x


    Have a great time x


    I just found your blog through circle of moms. I hope you have a wonderful holiday and, that your Bob indeed will behave like an angel for the most part. But lets not forget that you need to have a mischief or to to blog about when you get back.:)


    Have a brilliant time. Send us a postcard. x


    Having a lovely time now. Took us a while to get settled. Thank you, hope you are well! x


    Have a great time x

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