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Although I love reviewing products, I find it much more exciting if you can do a creative post around the product instead!

A few weeks ago I was sent a bottle of perfume to review. As I didn’t think photos of me wearing the perfume would make a good post, Bob and I made some rose petal perfume instead. We had a wonderful time and the post was fab!  (Well I thought so at least.)

When I was asked if Bob and I would like to collage one of my photographs and in exchange the image would be sent to me on canvas from Custom Canvas I couldn’t wait! I loved this idea!

It was tricky to decide on one image but in the end I went for the photo of Bob and her daddy on the beach. I still love this image and I thought it would look lovely on our bathroom wall. I also had visions of Bob and I messing around with sand and glue which seemed exciting!


Whilst I was waiting for the collage to arrive I tried to get some sand. The sand in Bob’s sandpit was soggy and when I tried to buy some I could only find huge bags. As I only needed a small amount I thought about ‘borrowing’ some from a sandpit at a park but at this time of year that would be soggy too.

The night before I had planned to collage the image I still didn’t have any sand. I asked my husband what we could use instead. He came up with the fabulous idea of using brown sugar! We had plenty of that in the house with it being close to Christmas!


Bob and I had great fun collaging our image!


At one point we had a gluey syrupy mess that refused to dry. Maybe using brown sugar wasn’t the best idea. We cut/tore up blue tissue paper and collaged the sky whilst we were waiting but, even when we had finished, it was still wet.


Eventually, after about 5 hours, it dried and we were able to make the glittery ocean. I covered the sticky sugar whilst we added the glitter, just in case.


I then made a little Daddy and a little Bob out of scraps of fabric.


I think we did a good job of the collage but I don’t think I will be in a rush to display this one in the bathroom. Think I’ll stick with the canvas! 🙂


The canvas that I was sent is great quality! It seems like it has been done by a proper framing company, rather than cheaply put together. I underestimated how much I should add to allow for wrapping around the edges of the frame. This meant that my image wasn’t as good as the original as the sea, sky and sand weren’t the same size but that was my fault.


The canvas is lovely and I will definitely use this company again.

Disclaimer : I was sent the canvas free of charge for the purpose of this post but all opinions, photos and mess are my own (and Bob’s).

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    For a minute I thought you were creating the collage on the actual canvas and my first thought was – but why would you do that?!! Oops!

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