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For the last couple of years I have tried to secretly arrange Christmas. I haven’t let Bob see one present being wrapped and they all would magically appear on the big day. This was very hard work! Then on the day I worried Bob would be confused as adults were exchanging gifts and thanking each other. Bob has become so inquisitive that I knew she would question this now she is more aware.

She has already started questioning whether or not the Father Christmases that she sees are the real ones. I think she finds it confusing as she sees one with Mummy and Daddy, one comes to visit nursery and she sometimes passes one when we are out and about. She knows that they are not the same one. I have had to tell her that the real one comes on Christmas Eve and he has lots of helpers.

This year I decided to explain to Bob that Father Christmas only comes to children. This meant that I could wrap presents for adults in front of Bob and she could ‘help’ me.

This also meant that Bob could choose the presents that she gives to people. She has already chosen some presents for Sally as Father Christmas doesn’t come to dogs either. We were wondering what to get for Daddy and Grandparents when we were contacted by myprint247 to ask if we would like to review some of their products.

They offer a range of personalised stationary and greeting cards and they also do photo mugs! I thought these would be a great present for Bob to give!

I decided to use one of the photos from our Elsa photoshoot and I edited the image to include a speech bubble. In it I wrote, ‘Let it snow! Let it snow! Any excuse for a cup of tea!’



When the mugs arrived we loved them!


The image quality and is great and the photo wraps around the mugs perfectly.


Bob and I wrapped them up and we can’t wait to give them to everyone on Christmas Day!


Disclaimer: We were sent the mugs free of charge but all opinions and photographs are our own.

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    What a brilliant idea. As a child (although that may not be true as I am still getting one this year) Santa brings a stocking full of presents, which we open on my parents bed before we go to church. Then we come home and the youngest gives out all the presents under the tree which were from friends and family.

    I love hear about everyones different holiday traditions!

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