Must Have Toys

Bob briefly mentioned wanting a Hatchimal last year but it never made it onto her Christmas list. I was glad as they became very hard to find. She saw an advert for a Hatchimal Surprise this year and she was amazed! This is at the top of her list and she can’t believe that, this year, you can hatch twins. I bought one early, just in case. I can’t wait to see her face on Christmas morning!


Bob is at the age where she loves to play games. I enjoy playing them with her so Father Christmas has to bring some exciting games. She saw the advert for Beat The Flush from Megableu recently and she thought it was amazing! She has been laughing about it since and I know she would love to receive it on Christmas morning! 

I have also been looking at other games which we could all play together. Wet Head looks lots of fun and the new Tumball game would be something that we could all play together. It looks like a great game and it might help Bob to develop a steady hand.

Quirky Gifts

I remember playing the retro version of snake when I was younger. Slither is a new, up to date game with a similar concept and many exciting additions. You can play against the computer or against others. Your snake grows as you eat things but as well as banging into yourself, you also have to be careful of banging into the many snakes slithering round the screen. This gaming phenomenon has had 12 billion game plays in the last 6 months! 

There are a variety of slither toys which are perfect for fans of the game. From blind bags to plush toys, these are great gifts for gaming fans and children. Bob loves the game and she loves blind bags so these are the perfect stocking filler for her.

Educational Toys

We went to Haven earlier this year and Bob took part in a science workshop. She love watching the experiments. This year I have bought her a Science Set and a Crystal Making Kit for Christmas. Educational toys kill 2 birds with 1 stone.

Wooden Interactive Toys

Bow loves music and I love wooden toys so this wooden microphone from Hape is perfect. It doesn’t require batteries and it is a lovely timeless version of the cheap plastic microphones that you can buy. I may have to get 2 of these as Bob likes pretending to be a pop star and Bow may not get a look in.

Fun Clothing

Clothes can sometimes be a boring Christmas present but these festive legging from Blade and Rose are so adorable that they would make a lovely Christmas gift! The gingerbread man on the bum is too adorable! Until recently Blade and Rose only made clothes for children up to age 4. They have recently extended their range to include some older girls lines so Bob can look snazzy too!

Disclaimer: I was sent some of the featured products free of charge. 

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