I didn’t bother with a stocking for Bob when she was tiny. I only started with stockings when she was old enough to know what was happening. Bow has had to have a stocking every Christmas since birth otherwise Bob would wonder why Father Christmas had put presents in her stocking and not her baby brother’s.

When Bow was tiny I filled his stocking with rattles discovery balls, an apple and an orange. He was only 2 months old but everyone’s stocking should contain an apple and an orange. Every year, for as long as I can remember I have always had an apple and an orange in my stocking. The rule was that if you ate your apple and orange you could then eat chocolate for breakfast. 🙂 This is a tradition that I am going to continue with my children. 

Last year I struggled to know what to put in Bow’s stocking. He was 14 months old so he was no longer interested in rattles but he is too young for most stocking fillers. I searched for appropriate stocking fillers for weeks. As it took me a lot of time and thought to find suitable stocking fillers for a 1 year old I thought I would share my ideas with you in case other people are struggling too.

Here is what I think makes a perfect stocking for a 1 year old.

A Beautiful Stocking

Everyone in our family has their own stocking which they hang up every year. I wanted Bow to have a lovely one too. I found this gorgeous personalised stocking from Baby Blooms. It is so soft and it is a wonderful addition to our mantelpiece!

beautiful baby stocking

Finger Puppets

I thought finger puppets would make a lovely little stocking filler! There are so many adorable sets to choose from. I almost chose a set of farm animals but in the end I went for the family finger puppets. They were so cute and we can have lots of fun with them and sing the ‘Finger Family Song’.

finger puppets for songs

Soft Toy

This personalised teddy is so adorable and he matches the stocking! He is so soft and snuggly and Bow adores him! You can never have enough soft toys but don’t tell Bob I said that. 🙂

beautiful babys first teddy bear

teddy bear for a toddler


I found a pack of 5 dinosaur toys in B & M Bargains for £2.99. I wrapped them up individually and popped them in his stocking.

dinosaurs for little ones

Musical Instruments 

I didn’t get these for Bow as my sister bought him some for his 1st birthday. I thought these would make lovely little stocking fillers! 

Cute Little Puzzle

This gorgeous ‘Who’s In The Tree’ Puzzle from Hape is a lovely gift for a 1 year old. It says from 18 months so they would be able to have lots of fun with it before next Christmas.

great game puzzle for toddlers

lovely toddler christmas gift

Chunky Crayons & Colouring Book

Bow was constantly trying to steal Bob’s felt tips and scribble all over her colouring books. I thought a simple colouring book and some chunky easy grip crayons would be a perfect stocking filler for Bow and it may prevent arguments. 

stocking fillers for toddlers

Milky Bar Selection Box

Bow loves chocolate! He was not impressed that he only got 1 advent calendar chocolate on the 1st of December. I knew he would love a few chocolate treats.

milkybar selection box

An Apple & An Orange


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    As a child we always had an orange in our stocking, so I now carry it on with my boys too. It’s the first thing they head for when emptying it.
    Great ideas! I always put in underwear and sock too! When my youngest was one, I put in little cars for him. X

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