Share A Smile - Chocolate

Yesterday we got the train to Leeds to meet our friend. I told Bob we were going for a grown up girl’s day out and at first she was unsure as there was no mention of a play area. She soon came around to the idea as she started to realise that grown up girl’s days out revolved mainly around food and treats. 🙂 She had hot chocolate at the station whilst we waited for our train, lunch in a [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Caring

On Sunday we went to Rufford Park with our friends. We had a lovely afternoon! The part that I will remember for quite some time is when Bob found a tiny toad. She is used to seeing them as we had lots of them in our garden where we used to live. As this one was on it’s own she felt an overwhelming urge to take care of it. She was so caring and loving towards it! She looked down [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Sherwood Pines

I am posting this week’s Share A Smile a day early as I am going away for my friends hen weekend. The hen do is taking place near where we used to live so whilst we are in this neck of the woods I have planned a couple of days either side to catch up with family and friends. Yesterday we went to Sherwood Pines. I can’t say I’ve missed the scenery where we used to live as where we [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Excited Big Sister

The other day we decided to get our act together and go and buy some things for our new addition. We are so unorganised this time around! When I was pregnant with Bob we were so prepared this time we realised that there was only weeks to go and we had nothing ready. The shopping trip didn’t make me smile. It was a bit overwhelming at one point. Decisions and hormones really don’t mix! It also didn’t help that ladies [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Holidays

We are back from our holiday and we have all had a wonderful, relaxing time! It usually takes my husband 5 days to unwind but he was so exhausted that he managed to relax from day one. Bob had an amazing time! She loved swimming and there was a children’s splash pool with slides and water features that she had hours of fun in. She also loved the entertainment in the evenings. I have some lovely videos of her performing [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - Nursery Days

This week has been quite sad but there is a big smile behind it all! Wednesday was Bob’s last day at nursery! 🙁 I thought I wouldn’t cry until I saw Bob give her teacher the biggest hug when she was leaving. It even made the other parents cry! It really is a wonderful nursery and I am sad that she is not going to go there anymore. I still can’t believe that she starts big girl’s school in September! [click here to read on]

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Share A Smile - 4D Scan

My sister bought me a 4D scan for my birthday and the other day we got to see our little man. I will tell you all about it when I finally catch up with my pregnancy diaries but I wanted to share one of the photos that they captured with you. This photo melts me heart! He’s smiling already! 🙂 If you have written about something that made you smile or captured a photograph that melts your heart I would [click here to read on]

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