Parents always seem to exclaim about how much their kids grow! And it’s true; babies and toddlers seem to always be getting bigger before our very eyes. There’s just no time to feel all nostalgic about when they were babies as you will have to keep up with them and make sure they don’t outgrow you. To make sure your baby doesn’t turn into a toddler before you even realise, here are some things you will need to help you keep up!

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Lots Of Spare Clothes

Babies grow at an astonishingly fast rate, and you might find that you are always having to replace your child’s clothes. Rather than head out to the shops every week, it’s a good idea to try and stock up on different sized clothing before your baby even arrives. Ideally, try and get enough to last you for the first year and a half of their life. Unfortunately, all of these baby clothes aren’t going to come cheap, but there are certain ways you can keep the costs down. The first thing to do is try and find some discounts online at coupon sites including One benefit of using these online coupons is that they can be used at online stores, so you don’t even have to leave the house to go shopping! If you have more than one child, keep hold of the eldest’s old clothes as these will come in useful once the others grow up. Passing down clothes will save you a lot of money in the end!

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Teething Aids

One of the main signs that your baby is starting to grow up is teething. The symptoms of teething include a lot of dribbling, flushed cheeks, and a lot of chewing. If your child starts to chew excessively, you might want to buy them a teething ring. This gives them something that they can safely chew on without damaging their new teeth or gums. There are some rings that need to be chilled first as this gives your baby even more pain relief. For babies who appear to be in a lot of pain, teething gels are available. You simply rub the gel into the sore gum to numb the area. A few of these gels also contain a small amount of antibiotics, which are effective at preventing the gums becoming infected once the teeth break through.

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Weaning Equipment

There is one other big sign that your baby is on his or her way to becoming a toddler – they get ready for solid foods! More often than not, babies are ready to be weaned around six months. You can tell when your baby is ready for solids as they will start to coordinate between their eyes and mouth better, ready for picking up and eating food. They will also be able to sit unaided and show signs of swallowing. Once you are ready to try your baby on solid foods, you should buy a highchair and baby cutlery, which will make feeding easier. Many mums also invest in a blender as this makes it possible to blend up a variety of vegetables to feed to their baby. This is an easy way to experiment with different flavours in your baby’s diet!

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Help With Walking

The majority of babies take their first steps between nine and twelve months. Once you think your child is ready to start walking, you can hold onto their hands to help them take their first tentative steps. Once their leg muscles get stronger, you should think about buying them some toys that can encourage them to practise walking. Toys that they can push and pull are great for encouraging more walking, and they also provide the baby with enough support to help them on their way. Baby walkers, like the ones on, are also an excellent buy. You simply sit your child in the walker, and they can push themselves around with their feet while they are still sitting in it. However, it is worth remembering to limit your child’s time in these types of sit-down walkers as they can encourage your child to walk mainly on their tiptoes once they do start walking properly.

No one wants their child to grow up too fast but, unfortunately, it isn’t something you can prevent altogether. But all of the above equipment and aids can help your child develop and grow and allow you to be a part of it all. So you don’t have to miss a thing and can see them grow from baby to toddler!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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    such a lovely post, i cant wait to see my nieces grow up but at the same time i don’t want them to xo

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