Bob looked forward to going to Peppa Pig Land for months! She told everyone that she was going to Peppa Pig World in September. Now we have been she tells everyone she has been to Peppa Pig World.

We all had a wonderful day and Bob loved every minute of it!


It is a wonderful place and it is much more than a theme park! We have been to Thomas Land which was good but it was just Thomas themed rides in an ordinary space. Peppa Pig world was a complete experience!


From the minute we walked through the entrance we were very excited. Music was playing and it was like we were actually in Peppa Pig’s world. As well as the rides there were hills with cartoon flowers on and there was even a duck pond!


As it was a Monday the park was quite quiet and we managed to go on all the rides twice (except Windy Castle as I think that Daddy was a bit scared of this one).


I think Bob’s highlight was when she got to meet Peppa and George. She even got to kiss both of them!



We arrived as the park was opening and we left just before it closed. It was an amazing day and one which I think Bob will remember for a very long time!


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    Aww wow!! What a special day!! Looks like you had a fantastic time! Great photos x


    Looks like Bob had the most amazing time. That pig is my nemesis but I’m know that I’m going to have to suck it up at some point and take the boys.


    How sweet! I love the rainbow road. You guys must not have a lot of Muslims in your area, because they will definitely not want to go near a pig themed park. We have a large Muslim community in South Africa, so we make sure our party food at our kids’ parties has no pork and the packaging on all the food says “Halal.” We also have vegetarian friends too, so we keep them in mind as well. I’m glad the little one got to go before she got too big for the rides. Enjoy your week and thanks for visiting Amanda’s Books and More!

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