We have been sent another game from Hasbro to review. Bob loved Pop Pop Pinata and she was excited to try the new Beehive Surprise game.

Hasbro Beehive Surprise Game

When it arrived Bob couldn’t wait to play it. She had to wait until we bought some batteries. The game requires 3 AA batteries and we didnt have any at home.

The object of the game is to steal the bee’s honeycomb. Each player has to carefully select a piece of honeycomb and try to remove it without disturbing the bee.

Bob soon became wary. As you go to take the honeycomb the hive buzzes and she found it quite frightening. I assured her that it wouldn’t hurt her but she wasn’t convinced. I ended up playing the first game by myself. This was great fun!

The other adults in the room wanted to have a go and soon the game was being passed around the room. Excuse my dad’s dressing gown, we were all in our pyjamas. 🙂

Grandad playing beehive surprise

Bob watched the adults enjoying the game and decided that she might like to have another go. This time she loved it! She was still a bit unsure of the bee but she had seen all the adults laugh when the bee jumped forward so she knew there was nothing to worry about.

Beehive Surprise is great fun for all ages and it has also given me a great idea for a party! I am planning an ugly bug ball and I am going to use this game for one of the activities. I am going to fill the hive with sweets for the children to take, if they dare. 🙂 Bob wasn’t keen on my ugly bug ball idea as she is far too girly so I will have to wait until Bow is a bit older.

Beehive Surprise is available from all good toy stores.

Disclaimer: We were sent the game free of charge for the purpose of this review.

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    This looks like quite a cool game! I also love the photo!

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