Aug 042016

I can’t believe that Bob has finished her first year at school. It only seems like yesterday that I was walking her there for the first time.

first day of school

I left it very late to get Bob’s school things last year. I had no idea that places would sell out of things. She ended up having to have age 3 P.E shorts as there were none left in her size or the size above. I bought the small ones to keep her going and I replaced them as soon as I could.

This year I am going to be much more organised. I am planning a shopping trip to get her some new school uniform and I have already got her school shoes and her bag.

I let Bob choose her new P.E. bag online. Debenhams have a great range of school bags. At first she thought she might like a Frozen bag. She then decided that she preferred a lovely butterfly bag. I was pleased as I loved the butterfly bag and I am fed up of seeing Elsa and Anna. 🙂

When the bag arrived it was folded up into it’s pocket. I didn’t realise it could do this and now I want to steal it. It would be perfect to take shopping!

butterfly folding bag

Bob loves her new bag and is very excited about taking it to school.

lands end butterfly drawstring bag

The drawstring straps are much thicker than the bags that Bob has had before and the bag in general is much better quality.

new school bags

The pocket that the bag folds into becomes a front pocket. The bag also has mesh pockets on the sides which could hold a water bottle.

school p.e. bag

I need to arrange our uniform trip soon as it is already August and I don’t want things to sell out like last year.

When do you buy your school uniform? I am still a novice school mum and I’d love some advice!

Disclaimer: We were sent a voucher to spend on school essentials for the Back to School campaign.

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  21 Responses to “Back To School”


    What a little cutie! She looks very excited and well prepared to go back to school already 🙂


    I think it’s such a beautiful choice, it’s a bag she can grow with unlike the Frozen one in my opinion. She’s such a beautiful girl x


    What a cute bag – love that it folds up into a tiny pocket! Need to get one of those myself!


    I never ever think of debenhams for kids clothes, how bad is that? I need to get a wiggle on as my girls start nursery this time too. Love the bag and good prices x


    Such a cute bag, Gosh summer holiday do go fast!!


    getting ready for school can be really exciting. I love the look of the bag. It is pretty and those butterflys are cute.


    Aahhhhh what a cutie, I love the bag it’s very pretty. Bet my girls would love one 😉


    It will be back to school before you know it. She made a great pick with the bag x


    Aww, I’m loving the pattern on the new bag. It’s so cute. This will be perfect for the school year.


    Aw bless her she looks so cute and pleased with her back pack!! xxx


    Bob’s butterfly bag is gorgeous and she clearly has good taste as it looks like something I would choose too!


    Such a cute bag! I love that it can be folded up too.


    Ah her school bag is lovely. We bought a few essentials from Debenhams too and really love them…..winter coats are next on my list x


    Aww how cute! We bought our school uniform and shoes from Debenhams, they have such a great selection! 🙂


    I am loving those shoes and the backpack is nearly as big as she is bless x


    I wish I could go back to school! Best years of my life!


    oh my, she looks so adorable with that bag! a great choice for school too


    What a cute school bag, time sure does move fast when you’re not looking.


    Oh what a sweet bag! I have a son who would love it 🙂


    Omg she is too cute and I love her bag! It’s perfect for back to school time!

    xoxo, Candice


    That little bag is so cute!! Looks perfect for going back to school!

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