We were lucky to spend a fun filled morning with the lovely people behind CBeebies magazine.

They invited us to a morning of activities followed by an afternoon in CBeebies Land at Alton Towers, I will tell you all about that later, to celebrate the fact that they are giving away many kids go free vouchers to top UK attractions.


Bob had a lovely morning! She made a pirate hat and a badge whilst singing the song from Swashbucklers.


She played games which involved CBeebies characters.


She had a go at drawing her favourite characters and I was very impressed with her drawing of Sarah from Sarah & Duck.


She also listened to a lovely Peter Rabbit story and then got to taste all of Peter’s favourite foods.


The children were split into groups according to their age and they had an adult that stayed with them for all the activities. This helped Bob to feel comfortable. They also included many of the areas of learning from EYFS in their activities.

The morning was finished off with a visit from Postman Pat! Bob was very excited!


If our day had finished there we would have had a wonderful time but there was lots more fun still to be had. Watch this space!


Bob was also given a certificate and a great goody bag filled with CBeebies goodies. The Tree Fu Tom umbrella came in very handy in the afternoon and we have been lots of fun playing with the games and the magazines. Mr Maker has helped us to be superheroes! Thank you CBeebies magazine!


Further details of the CBeebies Magazine offer can be seen below.


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    Looks like great fun!

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