Two weeks ago I received a parcel. I had no idea what it could be as I couldn’t remember ordering anything. Inside was a lovely surprise delivery from the Co-operative. They had sent us a lovely Valentine’s hamper filled with goodies. They wanted us to enjoy breakfast in bed on Valentine’s Day as part of their #LoveAtFirstLight campaign. I love that hashtag!

valentine's day hamper

I tried to save everything that was in the box until Valentine’s Day but when Bob saw all of the yummy treats she was so excited! I let her have the chocolate lollipop as an early treat.

With Valentine’s Day being on a Sunday this year we had a lovely lazy day. We had chocolate croissants for breakfast and Bob thought it must be her birthday! She loves chocolate spread and she especially liked this one from the Co-op. She has had chocolate spread on toast everyday for breakfast since. The croissants were delicious and I will definitely be buying them again.

Bob and I then had a Valentine’s pamper morning. We had a lovely bath with mummy’s special bubble bath, a glittery bath bomb, love songs, champagne (vimto) and some chocolate strawberry hearts. They were amazing and unfortunately we didn’t manage to save any for daddy. Oops!

valentine's day bath

We then used lots of mummy’s lotions and potions to pamper ourselves. I even let Bob chose one of my perfumes to wear.

We had a lovely day with our 2 boys and before bed we watched Edward Scissorhands whilst eating our chocolate bear. We were very kind and we let Daddy share this with us.

I would like to say a big thank you to the Co-op for our lovely surprise hamper! It was such a treat to receive! Luckily we shop at the Co-operative regularly. There is one in the next village and it has a great range of products. It is like having a mini local supermarket. I am glad it is nearby as I think I may have to make an emergency chocolate spread run very soon!

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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