Before Bob came along my husband and I loved to go out for a nice meal. Now, romantic meals are a thing of the past.


We do take Bob out for dinner occasionally but the situation can be quite stressful and not very relaxing. We tend to choose to have a nice meal at home or an indoor picnic.


We have just been away for a few days as my husband was at a conference and Bob and I decided to go with him for a mini break. Michael was very busy and we didn’t see much of him but Bob and I enjoyed exploring.

Most of our meals were delivered by room service but the one evening that Michael was with us we decided to find somewhere other than the hotel to have dinner. We drove around for a while but we couldn’t find anywhere that would be suitable to take Bob. We ended up getting a takeaway pizza and sitting in the boot of my car to eat it. Who says romance is dead? 🙂

I have often wished that restaurants would deliver. I think it would be great to be able to order restaurant quality food and have it delivered to your house. Just after Bob was born we realised that an Italian restaurant about 15 minutes from our house offered a take away service. We had a meal from there a couple of times and it was nice but by the time we got it home it wasn’t piping hot anymore and it was very expensive as they charged the same price as they would if you are in the restaurant.

I think that I need my own chef! How amazing would that be? I wonder if James Martin would like to come and move in?


There is a competition running at the moment where you could win a 7 course meal, cooked in your own home. How good would that be? Charlotte Leventis has worked in several Michelin starred restaurants and appeared on the BBC show, MasterChef and now she could appear in your kitchen.


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