Although I now live in the midlands, I am originally from Burnley. I go back to visit as often as possible and, even though I am very settled here, I will always be a Lancashire Lass at heart.

When it came to arranging Bob’s christening I began looking at places local to us, assuming we would hold it in our village church. When my husband suggested having it in my hometown I was over the moon. I used to go to church a lot when I was younger and I was in the Brownies, the Guides and the Youth Club. I have only set foot in our local church twice (once for a wedding and once for a christening) so I felt a bit hypocritical holding a christening there. Also, we got married here as it meant we had the space to have a marquee and we used to live near a lovely little private church, which was perfect. Holding the christening in Burnley felt like we were sharing the love!

My main worry was that my new friends, who are local to where I live now, and my husband’s side of the family would not want to travel. This was not the case and I was overwhelmed by the amount of people who traveled to Lancashire to share Bob’s special day with us! I also wondered whether you were allowed to have a baby christened outside the parish in which you lived. I know that when we decided to get married, either you or your parents had to live in the parish, in order for you to be able to get married in the church. I did not know if the same rules applied for a christening. Luckily they didn’t and the lovely vicar was happy to christen Bob.

The service was beautiful and this was thanks to the vicar. He was friendly and welcoming, very unlike the vicar who married us! (Think that’s a whole other blog post!) It was lovely to be back in the parish where I grew up and I was happy that we had decided to christen Bob there. It just felt right!

After the service we went to a hotel for drinks and Afternoon Tea. Seeing all of our family and friends in sunny old Burnley felt wonderful! Hopefully they all felt the same! ;0) It was lovely to be surrounded by our family and close friends. It made me realise how lucky Bob is, to have so many people, who already loved her, even though she was only 6 months old!

* My friend’s Dad, who is a fabulous photographer, agreed to photograph the day for us. Thanks to him, we now have some wonderful images that we can treasure forever! Bob looked gorgeous in her christening dress and I am so glad we have this lovely photos to remember the day by!

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    You can take the girl out of Burnley but you can’t take Burnley out of the girl! Lovely to read this Charlotte and so nice to see the pictures of St. Stephen’s.


    Gorgeous! Sounds like a really lovely day and how wonderful you got to enjoy in your home town.


    I loved the day we had Holly christened, lovely to read about another lovely christening! Glad you returned to your home town, it must have meant a lot more to you that way.


    Sounds like you had a brilliant day! The photos are really beautiful, I love the way you’ve put them all together! And those cakes look really yummy!


      It was lovely, thank you. I had very good feedback from the cakes! The pink ones are my strawberry milkshake recipe! Took about 100 cakes and 2 stone to perfect! ;0) Will have to post the recipe at some point. x


    What wonderful pictures, looks like a superb day


    It looks like your entire family and friends had a great day. I’m still debating whether to get my son christened or not (he’s 17 months). We don’t go to church but I like the morals that Sunday school teaches. Decisions, decisions! Anyway, congratulations on a beautiful day.


      They don’t mind if you don’t go to church as the christening is for the little one not for you. Our vicar said it was too late for adults. ;o) Just do whatever feels right.

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