Even before Bob got to meet her, Lola Ladybird was her hero. I don’t know if it is because she was a ladybird or because she sounded so wonderful. Bob talked about her constantly and everyday she asked if today was the day we would meet her.


Lola’s activity was on Thursday so Bob had to wait a few days. We went to meet her at the Treehouse adventure playground. This is an exciting playground in the village square. Bob had already had lots of fun exploring it.




When Lola arrived Bob was so excited! She was even more wonderful in real life! She played hide and seek with the children and then Jasmine read the children a story whilst Lola went for a lie down.


She read the story of Lola the Ladybird and the Secret Village. We were going to visit the Secret Fairy Village that afternoon so Bob was enthralled! She asked if she could buy a copy of the book to bring home and she now almost knows the story off by heart.


When Lola returned she had her photo taken with everyone. Bob kept asking when we could see her again. We will have to go back to Bluestone!


You can read about our adventure with Shelby Snail here.

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  3 Responses to “Treehouse Fun With Lola Ladybird”


    Aww! how cute heheh!


    Just stumbled across this and was so delighted to read ‘Bobs Journey’ with our loveable characters! I am honoured that you bought the book and reading that Bob almost knows all the words has made my day so thank you once again. Hope to see you again sometime to create some more memories and for you to meet the other friends.

    Liam Hewer x


      Thank you for your comment! We had a wonderful time! My daughter still regularly choose to have Lola Ladybird as her bedtime story and she keeps asking if we can visit her again so I am sure we will be back to see you again one day. x

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