Nov 192015

Don’t panic, I am not pregnant again! πŸ™‚ I am just catching up and giving myself a chance to get over the trauma of childbirth before writing about it.

38 weeks pregnant – Our baby is the size of a leek

I struggled to get my head around the fruit comparison at 29 weeks when our baby was the size of a cucumber. A cucumber was too long and I had no idea how it would fit.

This week is even more bizarre! At 38 weeks our baby is the size of a leek!?!

I'm 38 weeks pregnant how is my baby the size of a leek

I'm 38 weeks pregnant how is my baby the length of a leek

At 38 weeks he is now around 19” long. He is now ready to be born and he has perfected his firm grip which I can’t wait to have around my finger!

at 38 weeks pregnant the baby is the size of a leek

To see my first post and read about the madness behind this idea click here.

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    I love all the fruit and vegetable comparisons. My friend is pregnant at the moment and the size of an avocado πŸ™‚

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