Although they are always light hearted and silly, I don’t think that I can write a Terrible Twosday about Bob this week as she has been a super star, even though she has not been well.

It was her 1st birthday on Friday. On Thursday she seemed fine but on her birthday she woke up with a terrible cough. She seemed alright in herself and she still enjoyed playing with her new toys.

On Saturday we had a Teddy Bears Picnic to celebrate. We were all really looking forward to it but on Friday night Bob hardly slept as her nasty cough kept waking her up. She also started being sick. It was too late to cancel the party as friends and family had traveled to see her so I contacted the people with babies and warned them that she wasn’t very well. I said that the party was still going to go ahead but that I understood if they didn’t want to come. Everyone came and Bob had a lovely time, in spite of being under the weather. I will write more about her party later. I can’t wait to show you the cake that I made for her and the teddy bear food that my friend knitted! 🙂

I think that everyone enjoyed it, even though I kept forgetting things. I blame being up all night. I left half of the food in the dining room and when I went to get something to eat I wondered where everything was. I thought that it had been eaten. It was only when my mum told my sister that she had spent all morning sticking things on sticks and my sister replied ‘What Sticks?’ that we realised. I don’t think that anybody minded. We just had a starter and a main course! 😉

Bob is still not well. The sickness increased yesterday and we are quickly running out of bedding and towels. Despite this she is still smiling! Bless her! She has not been well enough to play with all of the lovely presents that people have bought for her but they will still be there when she is better.

Sorry that this Twosday is not terrible but she has been so lovely! Hopefully your little ones have been getting up to mischief! Not that I am wishing mischievousness onto you but I could really do with a giggle!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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    Well it sounds pretty terrible to me what with all the cleaning up after a sick child! Poor you! She does look adorable in her picture though 🙂


    I hope she gets better soon! Imagine spoiling your first birthday by being too sick to play!


    Such a lovely birthday girl 🙂


    Aw, happy birthday, Bob. Sounds like you’ve had a terrible time of it recently, even if Bob has been behaving. Fingers crossed she’s well soon and playing with her new toys.


    […] night Bob was very unsettled as I mentioned in Terrible Twosday. She was so tired but every time she tried to sleep her nasty cough kept waking her up. On Saturday […]

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