I hate it when Bob is poorly! I always wish that I could be ill instead! Usually when she is unwell she likes to sit with her mummy and have a cuddle, which is fine by me.

This time (maybe because she is older, I’m not sure) she was happy to snuggle up until she became tired. Then the challenge began! She no longer wanted to snuggle. She didn’t want my help to go to sleep, she didn’t want to be left alone to go to sleep and she just screamed whatever I did. She also started throwing herself around and hitting out at me. I worried that it was because she blamed me for her being unwell. I hoped that it was just that she was under the weather and didn’t know what she wanted.

Now that she is better I am running out of excuses. Today she took a box of teething crystals out of the nappy bag. She pointed at them and said ‘Ta.’ She has been struggling to cut her molars recently so I gave her a sachet of crystals. She then asked for another one. I explained that she couldn’t have another and that I didn’t think it was a good idea for me to overdose her on teething crystals.

She became very cross and hit out at me. I sat her on the floor, told her that I wasn’t very happy and gave her time to calm down. I then asked her to say sorry to me and she crawled over and gave me a cuddle. As she was hugging me she started asking for the teething crystals again. I said that she couldn’t have any and she hit out again. It’s not like she’s punching me but she gets cross and hits both of her arms out at me.

Another Terrible Twosday blogger had this problem a few weeks ago with their daughter. She was older than Bob and I felt that I could share my experience as I have dealt with similar behaviour when I worked in a nursery. You can read her post here. The problem that I have is that Bob is so young! She is only just one! I would not have thought that she would reach this phase until much later. I am also worried that theĀ correction methods would not work at her age, as I am not sure that she understands consequences yet.

Have any of you had this problem with a child as young as Bob? I would love to hear your stories and advice!

If your little monkeys have been living up to their names, please link up below. Hopefully your Twosday tales are funnier than mine.


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    hey honey. Sorry to hear you are now having the same problem. We have gone down the route of telling our daughter it’s wrong and ignoring her for a short period after. I then ask her to say sorry and she gives me a cuddle. She is still doing it but it hasn’t been as much. will just see how it goes. Hope you find a solution. Let me know if so!!! lol x


    Our son went though a stage of hitting you in the face, he would just walk up to you and hit you it was always the face. We ignored it and he seems to have stopped. Now we have head butting šŸ™ again taking to the option of just ignoring it. He seemed to want a reaction from you.


      Bob’s seems to be more in frustration than for a reaction. She gets really cross and hits out. Glad the hitting has stopped! Hope the head butting stops soon! How old is your little one? x


    I am watching this with keen interest! I am slightly tearing my hair out with my tantruming pickle. She is a bit older than Bob but developmentally about the same age. Everything time I have to say no or remove an offending object (I cannot hide everything in the house. I tried. And failed) she goes BESERK! If you find magic answers, please share xx (please, please, please, please)

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