Nov 192014

I never thought that a fridge could cause this much excitement!

At our old house our fridge was built into our kitchen and I always missed being able to stick things on it, especially since Bob started nursery.

We always used to stick things on the fridge when I was growing up. This also continued into adulthood. My mum is a crossword genius so if my Dad or I ever managed to complete a crossword we would stick it on the fridge. 🙂 We would also sing, ‘On the fridge, on the fridge, on the fridge,’ in the style of a football chant. Yes, we are crazy!

In our new house our fridge isn’t built in so I have taken great pride in sticking Bob’s artwork on it. We only had one magnet that my friend bought for me a few years ago so I had to rotate Bob’s masterpieces.


I have wanted to get some new magnets for a while but I haven’t found any that I liked. Camaloon have a range of personalised items including magnets. When they ask if I would like to review some of their products the timing was perfect!

They have many design that you can use and I almost ordered these cute character magnets.


I then realised that you could design your own magnets. I have never seen personalised photo magnets before. I chose 6 of my favourite photos of Bob and Camaloon Put them onto magnets for me.



They offer a wide range of shapes and sizes and you can also get magnetic bottle openers which was perfect as we can never find ours.


When the magnets arrived Bob and I had lots of fun displaying them on our fridge!


I can now display Bob’s artwork (and my crosswords) for everyone to admire!



Disclaimer: I was sent the magnets free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.

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  2 Responses to “On The Fridge”


    They look fantastic! I always put my kids artwork on the fridge….hehehe


    I am loving personalised fridge magnets at the moment!!

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