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Bob and I love being creative. We also love Christmas! Who doesn’t?

For the last few years I have had a little wooden advent train. I bought this before Bob came along and my husband and I used to fill up alternate days for each other. Now Bob is here it’s all hers. Last Christmas my train was a bit worse for wear. The funnel had broken off and the carriages kept coming unhooked.

When Hobbycraft asked if we would like to review one of the DIY advent calendars I knew it was time to say goodbye to my train. We were sent a big wooden advent tree, paint, glitter glue, pva and some little wooden numbers.

I couldn’t wait to get painting! It looked like quite a big job so we roped in my nephew to help us.


As the paint was acrylic I didn’t wanted risk the children getting it on their clothes. I put Bob in a pair of old pyjamas and I gave my nephew a pair of mine. He will not be happy about me putting photos of him in a Daisy Duck top on here. 🙂


We had lots of fun painting and I realised that the calendar would take a few sessions to complete.


If you have the luxury of child free time this would be a lovely project for a grown up. My Bob free hours are few and far between so I knew from the beginning that it would have to be a joint effort.


It was lovely to decorate the calendar together and Bob is very excited about being able to open the drawers in the run up to Christmas!



I think the fact that this calendar has drawers rather than doors is great. My train had doors and if it was on a slightly uneven surface they would swing open.


Our Christmas Advent Tree is now complete and waiting for the exciting build up to Christmas. I am looking forward to finding little treats and trinkets to fill it with.


Disclaimer: We were sent the advent kit. Free of charge for the purpose of this review but all opinions and photographs are our own.

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    I love it!!

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