Dear Bob,

Just thought I’d send you a little note to remind you that it is Mothers Day on Sunday. I know that you are probably too young to understand but I thought that I’d give it a shot!

I don’t need flowers, I don’t need chocolates, but if you (your daddy) wish to get some for me I won’t object. There is just one thing that I would really like! SLEEP!!! I know you find this very difficult but I just wondered if you could try really hard, seeing as it is Mothers Day.

I have always been quick to excuse your sleeping habits (or lack of them)! ‘She’s teething!’ ‘She must have a tummy ache!’ ‘Maybe she’s too cold/hot!’ ‘Maybe the bed is too hard/soft!’ This is beginning to sound like another story in which a little girl slept very well! Maybe it’s time to bring in the bears!!! You are now 9 months old and I have had to admit that maybe there isn’t always a problem. Maybe you just don’t like sleep.

If you promise to try, really hard to sleep for 5 hours (I’m not greedy) I, in turn, will promise to make the time that you are asleep as boring as possible! I promise that you will not miss anything exciting! Daddy and I will be in bed, doing the thing that we have missed most since you came along! Sleeping!!!

I have included some sleeping photos, which were taken during your rare naps to show you how wonderful sleeping can be!

Lots of love,

Mummy x

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    Let’s hope Bob is reading this as we speak! Not nice to have a non-sleeper. We have always been very lucky with Holly, but who knows what number two will be like!


    Have you photoshopped closed eyes onto these photos Charlotte!!!??? Thats cheating, we all know Molly Bob doesnt like or need sleep!!

    Did she make it into her own room?


    hehee – Great post. If it’s any consolation none of my three, precious, bundles of joy understood the meaning of sleep until after they were a year old. My daughters started sleeping 12 hours a night from approx 13/14 months.

    The lack of sleep is awful, (I’m currently in the midst of it again with my baby boy who is nearly nine months), but I know it won’t last forever. Just counting down the weeks and months lol….


    That made me smile! Hope you get what you want for mothers day!! x


    What a cheeky monkey! She looks so peaceful and serene but I bet as soon as the camera went click she bounced awake with a vengence!! I was lucky and though Wriggles refused point blank to ever nap, she would at least sleep at night (in the end). Come on Bob, give your mum a treat 🙂 x


    I hope Bob gives you your Mothers Day wish, I have always been super lucky that our little monkey loves sleep. However it does worry me that when we choose to have a second one it is going to be a complete monster as we have just had it too easy! xx


    Simply gorgeous! x


    Very cute! Here’s hoping you get your 5 hours soon!


    Gorgeous pics. when your child eventually does start sleeping again it will be like you are reborn!


    It hasn’t happened yet but I have told her about your little one and she said she will aim for 7 hours! Thanks for your cheers! Hope they work! x


    […] you may know Bob is famous for her lack of sleep. (See Let Sleeping Babies Lie, Dear Bob or 1 of about 1000 tweets!) As she has been unwell she has been sleeping even less than usual. I […]

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