As my husband was working on Sunday we pretended that it was Mothers Day on Saturday. We had such a lovely day!

It started with the delivery of some flowers and a balloon. I was then presented with a gorgeous card (which Bob had written in herself) and a charm for my Pandora bracelet. Bob had chosen the charm! Her favorite toy is a pink, musical teapot and my husband said that she rang him last week, when he was at work, and told him that she would like me to have a teapot too! ;o)

I got to have a bubble bath, without Bob splashing me (which is very rare) and we then went to Newstead Abbey for the day. We have never been there before and it is a lovely place. The gardens are beautiful and there are many secret paths and stairways. I felt like I was Alice in Wonderland! I was too busy having fun to take any photos so we will have to go back again!

My Mum is coming to visit us next week so we will have to have another Mothers Day then! Us Mummy’s are taking over the world! ;o) Hope you all had a wonderful day!!!

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    Sounds like a truly gorgeous day! Well done to your husband and Bob 🙂


    aww that’s lovely my hubby was at work on mother’s day too so we had a Saturday Mother’s Day. Looks like you got some lovely pressies. Very sweet! Glad you had a nice day xxx


    Thank you. You too! x

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