Bob will be 2 next month. Wow! Where has that gone? She is changing and learning everyday and she is becoming a lovely little girl. I look at her and wonder where my baby has gone. Even now I find it hard to believe that she was once a tiny helpless little baby. It’s a good job she will always be my baby.

Bob Bath

Preparations for her party are under way! She loves Mr. Tumble so I thought that we would have a Mr. Tumble party. When I tried to think of party ideas I found this very limiting. I also tried to find my husband a Mr. Tumble costume. I was surprised when he agreed to this without being blackmailed with Guiness! After lots of searching I realised that they only did a child’s Mr. Tumble costume. However, whilst I was looking I came across some fabulous clown costumes so we decided to make it a clown party instead. 🙂

All 3 of us are going to dress up and I am going to ask our guests if they would like to join us. I have found some lovely clown games and I am hoping that the weather will be nice so that we can have the party in the garden.

I have had an idea for a cake. Now I just need to find the time to make it. We are also in the process of making the invitations. They involve pom poms, funky foam and lots of cutting and sticking. I had hoped that Bob might help me but she has taken to wanting to eat the pom poms which scares me. Next year!

When we have finished the invitations I will blog about them as I think they are fab! For now, if you want me, I’ll be peeling the PVA glue (or big girls glue as we like to call it) off my fingers. 😉

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    All sounds exciting. I am being very naughty and holding off any serious birthday celebrations for as long as possible!


      I have to admit, I go a bit over the top with these things. Before Bob came along I have had some fab parties for my birthday. Now I have a much better excuse for the celebrations! :0) x x


    It has been so lovely watching Bob grow up through the blog posts you have written and it will be a lovely way to look back over the early years. She will always be your baby though, I always say that about my eldest and he’s 17! I have no doubt that Bon will have the best birthday as you are an amazing mum and she is very lucky xx


    Typist used to love peeling PVA glue off her fingers! BOL The pawty sounds great!


    Bob is absolutely gorgeous! Can’t believe she is nearly two! Wow where does the time go eh!
    I am sure her party will go off with a bang and be amazing, looking forward to seeing the beautiful pictures x


    Bob is such a gorgeous child. The party sounds fab. Will you do a post about the invites? I’d love to see them xx


    Sounds lots of fun Charlotte and a brilliant excuse for messy inventiveness – one of yur super-qualities!!! Have fun all xxx


    […] I have already mentioned we are in the midst of planning a clown party. Preparations are well under way and I have almost finished making the invitations. Watch this […]


    I know! :0( x x

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