Apr 222013

Oh my goodness me, I’m so excited I may wee!

I have been shortlisted in the video category of the Brilliance In Blogging awards! 16 blogs made it to the shortlist and I can’t believe I am one of them! I keep expecting to get an e mail telling me that there’s been a mistake.

I love making my little videos as it is a wonderful way of recording our memories. It’s amazing how a backing track and a couple of transitions can turn a few video clips into something you can treasure forever!

You can vote for your favourite blog in the BIBs until the 12th of May. There are some fabulous blogs in the lists and it’s lovely to see so many of the blogs that I voted for have made it into the shortlists. 6 finalists in each category will get to attend an awards ceremony. I don’t expect to win as there are some fabulous blogs in my category but to get to go to the awards would be amazing!

If you have a spare minute and you enjoy our videos, please vote for me. I will be eternally grateful and I will send virtual cupcakes to each and every one of you!

Just in case that didn’t convince you, Bob has made this little plea of her own.

Not bad for a (not yet) 2 year old. 🙂

P.s. This clip was put together very quickly. Don’t judge my videos on this. To judge my videos click here.

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  10 Responses to “Oh My Goodness Me!”


    Delightful and well done you. Delighted to see you up for an award. Your Videos are magic!


    Well done you!!


    Very well done, and well deserved too!! The very best of luck to you and the little starlet of your videos 🙂


    Yay! Thoroughly deserved. Keeping my fingers crossed for you x


    Thank you so much hon, means such a lot coming from you! Congratulations on all of your nominations! They are very well deserved as your blog is amazing! x x


    […] Somehow I have been short listed in the video category of the Brilliance In Blogging Awards. If you have a spare minute and you enjoy my blog please vote for me. If you need more convincing you can see Bob’s plea here. […]

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