Fall is a wonderful time of the year. The temperatures are dropping and friends gather for many fun adventures. From exciting football games to harvest festivals, there is much to celebrate. People reach for their cozy hoodies and snuggle up in front of the fire.

Welcome back fall with a gathering of your friends and family. Celebrate with the children after school or plan a fun day out with your preschoolers. A fall theme party complete with a candy buffet is a lovely way to celebrate. You can add some spicy candy flavors so you can almost taste Autumn too.

Themes and Colours

The theme can be anything to do with the fall but football is a perfect theme, with the return of the season. Find a football themed backdrop and a tablecloth and mix in some school themes, like football uniforms, cheerleading pom-poms and mascots.

The colours are your choice but it would be nice to have two colors (maybe your team’s colors) as a starting point. You will be adding in greens, oranges, yellows, and other fall colors with the candy. 


There are many football centerpieces available but You could make one yourself using a football as a base and using glue dots to attach candy (rock, lollipops, miniature candy bars). Use your imagination and make a centerpiece everyone will remember. 

Ordering Candy

It would be best to buy your candy in bulk. You could also have individually wrapped, special candies that you could use as party favours, one for each guest. 

A bulk candy supplier will have a wonderful supply of traditional, specialty, and hard to find candy as well as professionals to answer any questions you have.  

Most candy comes in 5lb bags. You will need about 8 ounces of candy per guest. For 24 guests, plan on around 15 pounds of candy. The candy can be mixed in the jars for a fun and colourful look and to ensure everyone gets some of everything they want. Consider adding some pretzels or cracker trays to the table to add some salty food and to fill in empty spots. 

Setting The Table

It helps to mentally divide your table into three zones (back, middle, and front). This will give you an idea of how many tall containers, medium containers, and low containers you need. Use clear containers that are large enough to hold enough candy so refills are not needed. 


As for the decor you can go with something simple yet unique. Since the entire buffet will be a DIY project, you can go one step further and add a beautiful chalkboard fall wreath to your room.

Gift Bags

Use sports or fall themed gift bags in small sizes to allow your guests to take some goodies home with them. A plain brown paper gift bag can be made to look like a football by adding a few white stripes (to look like stitching). 

A welcome back fall gathering is not complete without a candy buffet. Make yours special by following these simple tips. 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post.

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