This post was written last year but I didn’t want to publish it in case we were unable to conceive. I’m sure you know by now that my blog is my happy place. 🙂

It’s Time

For a while I have wished that I was brave enough to have another baby.

I would love it if Bob had a sibling! I have my sister and the bond we have is like no other. I have some fabulous close friends but my sister is even closer than that.

If ever I am in crisis she treks across country to come to my rescue. She doesn’t drive so all of her treking is done on public transport. She is my star! I keep wanting to repay the favour but she is a lot more stable than I am. Hopefully she knows that I am on call anytime anywhere!


As much as I wished for Bob to have a little brother or sister I dreaded the birth and the early days even more! My birth was dreadful and I can’t help thinking that the same thing would happen the next time around. I couldn’t go through that again! I also don’t think I’d cope if our next baby slept as little as Bob did.

Every time the thought of another baby crossed my mind it was quickly pushed to one side by my fears.

Then one day something changed. I am not sure exactly how or when.

A number of things may have contributed. Bob now goes to sleep at a reasonable hour which gives me some breathing space, my husband and I were stronger than ever and we seemed to be over the worst of our bad luck.

I wanted another baby.

My husband also wanted another child but he didn’t think that my timing was the best. He was starting a new job and we were relocating. The bad timing didn’t matter to me. I just wanted a baby.

The fears were still there but suddenly having a baby was much more important. If things were terrible to begin with we would cope. We came through the last time with only a few scars.

I was ready to have another child.

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  6 Responses to “When Is The Right Time To Have Another Baby?”


    Making my eyes leak Charlotte !!! …. Thought you were supposed to be the hormonal one 😉
    There may never be a right time to have a baby but there may never be a wrong time either .
    Proud of you xxxxx


    Huge smile on my face!!


    I often find it strange when people ask what the best time to have another baby is as it is totally dependent on your own family situation and previous experiences. Glad you knew when and that it is happening. xx


    Aww what a lovely post and how exciting too, I did wonder in the early days how people signed up for tiny newborn babies again… Boo had reflux so was difficult to settle and barely slept. But I think the desire to to what’s best for your child is something which means that we are ready to deal with potentially difficult times again for them, and having a sibling so that your children always have each other is a really important thing. I worry about Boo if we decide not to have another (I suffered with Hyperemesis Gravidarum so I don’t know if I can go through that again) as I don’t want her to be lonely and I would love for her to have everything that having a sibling means.

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