Thursday 1st August (Day 7)Today we spent a lovely day fruit picking, picnicking and paddling with our friends. We had such a lovely day! I will tell you all about it soon.



Bob was really good at using her potty before we left the house but when we were out and about things were too exciting to think about going to the toilet. She had a couple of accidents and told me when she was having them. When we returned home she used her potty with no problems.

Friday 2nd August (Day 8)

Today Bob didn’t have any accidents! She even went shopping for a couple of hours and although she didn’t want to use her potty or the toilet when we were out she manages to hold herself until she got back home.

Saturday 3rd August (Day 9)

Today my husband took Bob to his parent’s house whilst I went for lunch with my friend who has recently moved to Devon. She was home for a few days so Michael gave me the day off. 🙂

Again Bob didn’t use the potty when she was not at home. Michael took her several times and she was happy to sit on it but she didn’t do anything. He was at his parent’s house for several hours and when he arrived home Bob had done a little wee in her pants but she then had a great big wee on the potty.

I am glad that she is managing to hold herself but I am worried that not wanting to wee anywhere other than home may become a problem.

Sunday 4th August (Day 10)

We had a lazy day at home today as we have been very busy and we are going out for the day tomorrow.

All was going well until just after lunch when I noticed that Bob was straining. I quickly moved her to the potty but it was too late! I made matters worse moving Bob as instead of the poo just being in her pants it went everywhere!

She was worried that she had pooed a bit in her princess pants so I made a fuss of the fact that she had done some of the poo in her potty and I still gave her a sticker. I am not sure if this was the right thing to do or not but I was consciously trying to not scare her into constipation.

She did really well for the rest of the day and she did another poo on her potty in the evening. I knew she was getting ready as she keep going and sitting on her potty, doing a little trump then saying, ‘Oh.’ When she finally pooed she had gone to the potty all by herself and she was so pleased. 🙂

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    Ahh well done bob! 🙂

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