Thursday 8th August (Day 14)

Today we went to a country park for the morning. When we arrived I got Bob to sit on her potty in the car. Nothing. After we’d been there for a while I took her to the toilet. Nothing. Then, when she was halfway across across the rope bridge she weed. Everywhere!

I am not sure how to solve the problem of Bob not wanting to use her potty in public. She tries to hold herself for as long as possible rather than use her potty. Then when she has an accident it’s a big one as she is full to bursting. Bless her!

Friday (9th August (Day 15)

Today we went to Wheelgate again as my husband was keen to visit after hearing all our stories about it.

Again I took Bob to the toilet several times but she was reluctant to use her travel potty or wee on the toilet. I think she may not feel comfortable on the toilet as she struggles to balance.

When she finally did wee she was leaning back, trying to balance. The wee ran down her legs instead of going into the toilet and it went all over her clothes and all over me. I had taken a change of clothes for Bob but I didn’t think to take one for me. I washed my trousers and was thankful that it was a warm day and they would dry quickly! It took all of my acting skills to celebrate Bob finally managing to wee on a toilet in public while the said wee was running down my leg! 😉


After Bob had done a wee I relaxed slightly. I thought that we would be safe for a while but I was wrong. She had obviously broken the seal as about 20 minutes later she weed all over the play area. Luckily there was nobody else on it at the time and my husband was there to help with the cleaning up. 🙂

Saturday 10th August (Day 16)

Today I went to buy a little toddler toilet seat that would fit in a rucksack. I hoped that this would answer all our problems. If I could make Bob more comfortable on the toilet and get her to use the seat at home she might just use it when we were out and about.

I showed Bob the seat and made a bug fuss of how she could now use the big girls toilet. This afternoon, when we were at home, she asked to use her new toilet. She weed using the seat and she was very pleased with herself.

This evening we went out for a meal and because of the last few days I put pull ups over Bob’s pants. I had vision of her having a accident in the restaurant and ruining their upholstery.

The pull ups weren’t needed! Shortly after we arrived at the restaurant I took Bob to the toilet and she did a wee! 🙂 Also, because of the seat, this time it didn’t go all over me! 🙂 She was very pleased and couldn’t wait to flush the big girl’s toilet.


She ran back to the table to tell her Daddy and even the staff at the restaurant made a fuss. She got to choose a special sparkly sticker.

I really hope that today has been a break through! Thank you toddler toilet seat!

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  8 Responses to “The Potty Diaries – Days 14,15 & 16”


    awww honey we are on this same journey and i am pulling my hair out. He is fine for wee’s but he refuses point blank not to poo in anything other than pull ups … blooming toddlers lol x


    Hurray for Bob and well done on your brilliant acting skills!


    Thank you for commenting, and congrats to Bob!
    Since you missed last week’s winery tour, here’s a special invite to this week’s link-up!


    We are in the same phase as you 🙂 Which toddler toilet seat do you have that you take out with you? x


      It’s a pink squishy one that I bought from boots. It just fits in a child’s rucksack. We went back to square one after our hols and she refuses to use her potty or the toilet now. Oh dear! x x


    Thank you! I think it may be useful to take one out with us when we need to use the ‘big’ toilet! x

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