For as long as I can remember, I have always shopped at Boots. The store in my home town was one of my favourite places to visit on a Saturday afternoon with my school friends. We would spend hours in there deciding what to spend our pocket money on.

When I got my first part time job going to Boots became even more exciting! I would spend ages in there choosing a new perfume, selecting pamper goodies for a girly night or simply buying lunch. I love their Meal Deals.

As I have grown older (and even more so since I became a mummy) Boots has become a brand that I can trust!

When Bob was tiny she had baby eczema. I have tried every bubble bath and shampoo that I could find. Even the natural brands and the famous ‘gentle’ bubbles made her eczema worse. The only thing that I could find that didn’t irritate her was the Boots Sensitive range. I have used this ever since and, as Bob was recently diagnosed with full blown eczema, it is the only brand that I have complete faith in.


Boots has also come to my rescue in my hour of need. My local store has a  pharmacy that is open until midnight. Bob suffered with colic when she was younger and the first few nights that the screaming happened we weren’t sure what it was. After a few evenings of screaming from exactly 6pm until 10pm (a time that we called colic o’clock) we realised what we might be up against. A quick trip to Boots and a chat with their lovely pharmacist confirmed our suspicions. They were even there to help when the first treatment didn’t work, discussing the different causes of colic and the other medicines that we could try.

We also really struggled to find a formula that agreed with Bob. I breasted Bob until she was 4 months old but, due to problems with my flow and biting issues, I decided to introduce formula gradually as I started to wean her onto solids. The only formula that Bob could stomach was Hipp Organic ready mixed cartons. I regularly tried to order this in with our weekly groceries but they were only ever able to deliver a few cartons as they didn’t keep many of them in stock. If I ordered from Boots online the number of cartons that I required would arrive in a few days.

This afternoon I went to Boots as Bob was running low on bubbles. Bob already loves shopping at Boots. She loves the little trolleys and enjoys pushing them up and down each aisle. More photos and details of our shop can be found in this photo album.

I will leave you with some photographs of Bob having fun in the tub. Thanks Boots! Without you bath time would be much less bubbly!







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  3 Responses to “Thank You For The Bubbles!”


    Brilliant photos. Love the mohican. I confess that Boots is one the places that I really miss living in Switzerland. They have nothing like it at all. I tend to go a bit wild when we’re home and splurge on things that I never knew I wanted or needed. I think it’s a tresure chest of smelly joy.


    I have always shopped at Boots and since having Bug it has become even more of a essential shop for us. Love the photos, what gorgeous hair!!

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