I have finally caught up after all of the holidays, birthdays and festivals so that means that I can take part in Dear Beautiful Boy’s See It Snap It Love It challenge again.. This week’s challenge is Surprise..

When I found out what the challenge was, I knew the photo that I needed to capture.. Bob has recently learnt how to be surprised. When we see something exciting we gasp and put our hand to our mouths. It took my husband and myself about 20 minutes to take this shot. He kept producing toys and we would both gasp. Eventually Bob started to join in our game and I managed to capture her SURPRISE!!!

To see the other entries in the challenge visit Dear Beautiful Boys beautiful blog.

Happy Wednesday!

 Posted by Charlotte on June 13, 2012 Photography  Add comments

  7 Responses to “See It Snap It Love It – Surprise”


    Aww this photo is fab. And I love the idea that you all sat there desperately trying to get the shot, sounds a bit like photoshoots in our house sometimes.
    Thanks for linking up. X


    Oh how cute is she!!


    Aww so cute when they do the gasp/hand over the mouth thing. Funny!


    Stunning picture. Wish my OH would see the importance on taking photos and creating gorgeous memories, to help me trying to get some lovely pics like this one if our little one.


    Really beautiful picture – love it!! My toddler poses too much really, I grab the camera and he spots it and says ‘cheese’ so it’s very hard to get a natural shot! x


    Aw she’s such a beautiful little girl and i adore this photo! Fab shot! xxx

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