This post was written on the 14th February whilst I was still keeping my pregnancy a secret.

My bloating is still horrendous! I had to but a new unfitted wardrobe to go to London. My baggy jumpers helped me to keep my pregnancy quite.

I was really struggling with nausea until I read about the Yin and Yang remedies. I had heard that ginger was supposed to be good for morphing sickness and I have been nibbling on this but they didn’t seem to help. I then read about the Yin and Yang theory.

Ginger is a Yang (hot) remedy and it will only work is you are cold. If you are warm ginger could make the sickness work.

Peppermint is the alternative. This Yin (cold) remedy is perfect if you are constantly wanting cold drinks and you taper too hot.

I am not too hot but I am constantly craving ice and ice lollies! I was the same when I was pregnant with Bob. In my 3rd trimester I couldn’t drink water unless it was freezing cold. I use to freeze bottles of water and drink them as they melted.

I decided to try peppermint tea and this kept my nausea at bay. I also drank a lot of buttermint tea whilst I was staying with my friend Lesley. This also helped and it smelt delicious! I am now addicted!

Since discovering minty tea I have only had 1 day when nausea crippled me. I was worn out from all our travels and things just got too much. How sick I feel seems to depend on how exhausted I am. If only Bob would let me nap!

Looking back at this photo makes me realise how much I needed a nap! 🙂


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    I still love ice lollies, I had the same craving with Z too and it is so nice isn’t it?

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