Don’t panic, I am not pregnant again! 🙂 I am just catching up and giving myself a chance to get over the trauma of childbirth before writing about it.

Written on the 31st August

The diabetic nurse has decided that I have to have insulin. I have been successfully avoiding this for the last 2 weeks. Although diet control wasn’t really working (the same meal on 2 different days could have 2 totally different results) the day before I saw the diabetic nurse my blood sugar seemed to behave. This bought me a few more days. Even when we went to Blackpool the day before my last appointment and I ate fish and chips my blood sugar was alright.

She also based her decision on my reaction every time she mentioned insulin injections. I think as a rule they like to try meteor in tablets before putting you on insulin. I was not allowed these as they can cause sickness and reflux. As I already struggled with this it meant I would have to side step the tablets and go straight into insulin. In the end, because I was still having high readings throughout the week, she decided it was for the best.

I was imagining having to plunge a huge syringe into myself but my friend who is diabetic showed me her insulin pen and it wasn’t as scary as I thought. I am still not looking forward to it though and I am dreading my appointment tomorrow!


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    My word, you had me worried there! Rubbish news about the insulin, I can understand your resistance. I wouldn’t have liked that and came close to it at the end of my pregnancy

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