Don’t panic, I am not pregnant again! 🙂 I am just catching up and giving myself a chance to get over the trauma of childbirth before writing about it.

Written on 10th August

This week has been really tough. My husband has had pneumonia and he has been really poorly. He is very rarely ill and it is awful to see him struggling.

Also a Bob has decided that sleep is for wimps. She has been waking frequently in the night. I wonder if she is trying to prepare us for when our new addition arrives.

Michael’s mum and dad came to visit at the weekend and I think they saw my pain. I was sleep deprived and having to take care of a poorly Michael and a grumpy, tired Bob whilst heavily pregnant. They offered to take Bob to stay at their house for a few nights.

She only left yesterday and I am missing her already, it is nice to have time to think and get some jobs done but the house is far too quite and I am already looking forward to her coming home.


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    Eeep, what terrible timing for your husband to get pneumonia. Thankfully you had some help on hand

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