Written on the 13th July

On Tuesday I went for the glucose intolerance test. They didn’t test me for gestational diabetes when I was pregnant with Bob. Four years ago the people in my family that had diabetes were over a certain age. Now my sister has it and, as she is still a spring chicken, they said I would have to be tested.

I was dreading the drink that the give you as I had heard it was awful! I am still struggling with acid reflux and I had to fast from the night before so the thought of the horrendous drink on an empty stomach wasn’t pleasant. In reality it wasn’t as bad as I feared. Don’t get me wrong, it tasted horrible but it was drinkable. It was like a Capri sun with a million extra sweeteners in it. It also played havoc with my reflux which was quite embarrassing during the 2 hour wait in the waiting room.

I had a blood test before having the drink and 2 hours after. I was then told that I would be contacted the next day if I tested positive. I honestly thought that I wouldn’t have gestational diabetes. I went for the test because I was told to but I thought it would be a waste of time. I was wrong.

The phone rang the next morning and when I heard the news I was shocked. I also started to panic. I had already limited my diet because of the acid reflux and I wondered if there would be anything left that I could eat.

2 days later appointment letters started arriving. I was shocked to learn how many appointments you have when you have gestational diabetes.  There are consultant appointments, growth scans, appointments with the diabetic nurse and the dietician. I think I am going to be living at the hospital from now on.


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    Hope it is all going ok, diabetes can be a bit of a bugger.


    Urgh yes I remember the drunk well, it’s horrid isn’t it? Hope you’ve been ok with the diet since. It took me a while to figure out what I couldn’t eat!

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