Written on the 8th June

When I was pregnant with Bob I suffered with terrible acid reflux and at 30 weeks pregnant I was hospitalised because of it.

This week I have started with terrible heartburn and acid reflux. I rang the doctors and they were great! I popped in and spoke to the receptionist and she said she would get a doctor to ring me. They looked back on my notes and prescribed me the medication that I was on last time without me having to make an appointment. 

I was really worried about history repeating itself and I didn’t want to end up as ill as I was when I was pregnant with Bob. I have a post on my blog about the problems that I experienced and when I looked back I realised that the reflexes started in my last pregnancy when I was 24 weeks. This made me worry even more as it seemed like I was heading down the same track.

Fingers crossed that this pregnancy is different! 


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