Written on the 1st June

One of my best friends is getting married on the 12th of September. This is 2 weeks before my due date and I am a bridesmaid.

When we were searching for dresses I couldn’t get the image of the other 2 bridesmaids in beautiful dresses and myself in dungarees out of my head!

Yesterday we went to my friend’s house to try our dresses on. I was very pleased to see that mine fit me! I never thought I would be able to wear the same as the others. I know I still have many weeks to go and I will undoubtably expand but I am crossing everything that the dress will still fit! It is a 50’s style and only fitted at the top so I think there is a good chance. It may get  quite a bit shorter at the front but I can just show more of my underskirt and be the floozy bridesmaid. 🙂

I have brought my dress home and I am going to try it on regularly. I can always order a bigger size at the last minute if things get a bit snug.


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